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An employment of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is governed by Federal Law #115-FZ “On the legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” dated 25 July, 2002.

As in any other country in the world, hiring and employment of foreigners in Russia is of permissive character. This means that before concluding labor contract both employer and foreigner employee must obtain proper permits. In most cases the obligation of obtaining permits lies on employer.

In order to hire a foreign employee subject to RF visa requirements, an employer must submit work permit quota application, obtain Employment Permit, Work Permit and entry/exit work visa. As for the extension of the permits and work visas, it’s an employer’s obligation as well. For foreign citizens from countries free of RF visa requirements the procedure is less complex. However, it still requires employer’s participation. In this case an employer needs to submit work permit quota application and prepare all documents necessary for a foreign citizen to obtain Work Permit.

Foreign citizens  in R F with not requiring a visa, and up to the age of 18 years have a right to work on the basis of a patent, as in the physical and legal persons, namely:
- Citizens of the Russian Federation - for personal, household and similar purposes not related to business activities;
- legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
- private notaries;
- lawyers, founded a lawyer study;
- other persons whose professional activities in accordance with federal laws subject to state registration and (or) license.
You can get more detailed information regarding the process of obtaining the permits on the official website of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation or you can either send us an enquiry shortly describing your situation.

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