Tax planning

What is a tax planning
and what can help in this matter and foreign offshore accounts ...

Tax attorneys of law bureau "Scheglov and Partners" provides comprehensive advisory services on tax planning in Russia and abroad, as well as advise principals on tax compliance.
 The services include elaboration and analysis of practical application of effective tax planning schemes in the currently existing conditions, tax optimization due to the opportunities provided by agreements on avoidance of double taxation and the practical implementation of effective taxation schemes.
 The services provide by lawyers Julia Timergazina M. , Alexandra Tomorskaya V.Irina Scheglova  V.   and by migration-legal department’s  lawyer Marina Kushnereva A ..
For individuals the legal assistance in tax law, including the filling of declarations and representation in tax authorities, has a legal adviser Julia Lyalutskaya A..

Types of legal services in the tax planning area

•    Tax planning and optimization of foreign companies with preferential or zero taxation as an instrument ;
•    Creating of the individual patterns of legitimate tax minimization commissioned principals with full legal and financial study of all phases of the project with the subsequent support of the structures;
•    establishment (including for the purposes of ensuring confidentiality of business) and service of foreign companies with a special legal registration (banks, trusts, holding companies, insurance and finance companies), providing accountability in the country of registration;
•    registration of companies with minimal or zero taxation  areas (so-called tax havens);
•    opening accounts in foreign banks;
•    Drafting of documents to the principal for work process by creating the structures, in particular for take an advantage of international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation;
•    filling of declarations and representing taxpayers in tax authorities.

 To arrange the appointment  for a legal advice on tax legislation, offshore companies or foreign bank accounts – contact the Senior Managing Partner Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" Yury Scheglov on phone +7 (495) 748-00-32 or by email >>

We are ready to help with all the intricacies of offshore legislation.

Legal advice can be anonymous (with no messages the person a personal data).

 All the personal information of a customer to person in the status of "lawyer" is protected by law. Lawyers do not have the right to disclose information which become known during rendering a legal aid to their principals, and the defendant, and did not give evidence as witnesses to circumstances become known to them in the exercise of counsel or representative.

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