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"You may not have noticed,
that all goes well,
but the tax inspectorate will remind "
Pierre Daninos

How can aid a good tax attorney?

One of the activities of the Bureau is to protect the interests of citizens and legal persons in the field of tax and fiscal law.
It's no secret that the tax and budget legislation is specific. And of course the legal assistance to people and businesses in tax and fiscal law requires not only special knowledge but also a good practice.
That is why a legal support of tax disputes and disputes in the budget legislation for the law firm clients “Scheglov and Partners "exercise by lawyers with long-term experience in the controlling bodies, including the tax authorities and bodies in the Federal Treasury .
 To know the specifics of this public services within, allows the former "tax authorities" have every right to add to his new status as an honorable and rare specialization "tax attorney." And a really good and competent lawyer in the tax area - this is a godsend!
  Only knowledge of the Tax Code - is not a guarantee of its correct interpretation and application. But the long-term practice of tax audits and judicial protection, the correct application of the provisions of the Russian Tax Code allows a tax attorney with knowledge to protect the interests and rights violated their clients - the taxpayers.
 Such practitioners are always able to provide effective legal assistance to citizens and organizations in the pre-trial settlement of the dispute with the tax authorities and in court if the case will be considered a tax court.

  The tax legal services:
•    advice and written opinions;
•    representation of clients in conducting audits by tax authorities;
•    document preparation and submission of objections to the tax authorities on the tax inspection;
•    legal support in an appeal against decisions, actions of tax authorities to a parent organization;
•    representation of interests of clients on appeals against decisions, actions of the tax authorities in the courts of all levels;
•    preparation of cassation, supervision and appellant appeals;
•    preparation of documents for the implementation of judicial acts to recover the debt from the treasury, budget institutions in the framework of the budgetary legislation of the Russian Federation.

 For the services of a tax attorney  - contact with the senior managing partner of Bureau “Scheglov and Partners”  Yury  Scheglov on phone +7 (495) 748-00-32 or by email >>

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