Citizenship of the Russian Federation

The first and the most important thing any foreigner intending to apply for the Russian citizenship should know is that he/she will have to renounce citizenship of any other country he/she may be a citizen of.

The second important thing about acquiring Russian Citizenship is that a foreigner must first obtain Temporary Residence Permit and Residence Permit in the Russian Federation. Exception from this rule is made for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. Citizens from these countries have the right of acquiring Russian Citizenship without obtaining Temporary Residence Permit and Residence Permit first.

OUR CLIENTS are those who value their time and expect the highest level of service. They are fully capable of figuring out the intricacies of the Migration Law, prepare documents and defend their interests in the Migration Service. However, they choose to entrust this job to professional advisors.


  • Comprehensive legal consultation at 5.000 rubles.
  • Assistance in filing the documents with the Federal migration Service of the Russian Federation at 50.000 rubles.
  • Advice and assistance on every stage of acquiring Citizenship of the Russian Federation at 100.000 rubles.
  • Exam on Russian language

If you need professional legal advice or help in obtaining Russian Citizenship,
please send your enquiry to us and we will contact you shortly.


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