Protection of consumers

Author: Dyadischev Alexander, lawyer in Bureau "Scheglov and Partners"

  Each of us had deal with an unpleasant situation, when our consumer’s rights was grossly violated by supplier of the goods, services or works. For example, after the acquisition of the goods it detects certain shortcomings (rendered defective or did not comply with mandatory requirements provided by law or the terms of the contract). Or when buying an apartment in a newly built house, the developer had violated the let terms. Or the fault of the management company of the pipe there is a breakthrough, and the apartment was flooded with water.  Or stay at the resort, bought in travel agency, was hopelessly tainted by the fault of the service provider. Or bought from a dealer car, refuses to wind up at the slightest lowering of the temperature of the environment. However, everyone is required to find at least one example of a violation of his rights as a consumer.

  Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" regulates the relationship between consumers and producers, performers, importers and sellers in the sale of goods (works, services), establishes the rights of consumers to purchase goods (works, services) of good quality and safe for life , health, property and consumer environment, getting information about goods (works, services) and their producer (executor, seller), education, government and public defense of their interests, and also defines a mechanism for the implementation of these rights.

  Law Bureau "Shcheglov and Partners" provides legal services to citizens on the application of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights, representing in court and out of court settlement of disputes with unscrupulous suppliers of services / works including occurs for the following legal relationships:
• participation by citizens in the shared construction of apartment buildings ;
• which is arised from a contract of property insurance.

From the practice:
•    The Bay Apartments on fault management company .
•    Indemnification from  flooding apartments.
•    Protecting the rights of the trademark .
•    Termination of the contract of sale Mercedes-Benz E 300 by reason of the significant shortcomings of the car and compensation funds.
•    Recognition of the developer of consumer rights violator .
•    Consumer protection the real estate development .

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