Migration services

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Legal services in Russia:

  •           a temporary residence permit (RVP) in Russia
  •           residence permit (VNZh) in the Russian Federation
  •         Russian citizenship   

as well as:

  •           determine the causes of a ban on entry into the Russian Federation
  •           lifting bans on entry into the Russian Federation
  •           notification of the FMS (Federal Migration Service) of a dual citizenship
  •         migration audit for the Russian enterprises with foreign workers.


Legal services in Russia and in Spain:

  •           residence permit (VNZh) in Spain for property owners
  •          residence permit (VNZh) in Spain for investors and owners of real estate  with the budget starting with EUR 500 000.


Legal services in Russia and Canada:

  •           Immigration to Canada
  •          Training in Canada
  •           Transference of  business to Canada or the establishment of the company in Canada (Toronto, Ontario)


Legal services in Russia and Latvia:

  •         residence permit (VNZh) in Latvia


What can do the migration lawyers  of Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" for the emigrants and immigrants


  Freedom of movement

Today we live in the time when moving to another country for a long period or permanent residence, no longer perceived as a disaster and the collapse of life. More and more people around us cosmopolitans who carry their homeland "on the soles of his boots", easily changing the city and country living. The only obstacle to change the seat is the law of the host countries, establishing appropriate registration requirements of stay in the country.

 For idle purposes it is sufficient to obtain a tourist visa, which does not require significant time and material costs on its appearance. Meanwhile, if you want to stay in a foreign country, or more and get a job in the future to settle in a pleasing your area, one tourist visa is not enough. Every state, including Russia, will carefully examine all persons wishing to always use the services it preferences, which indicate significant administrative barriers and requirements.

Who are the immigration lawyers?

The expert help is indispensable in such situations, which is oriented in the legislation of the country in which you are going to move. This specialist calls - migration lawyer or immigration lawyer. It is important to have a hands-on experience in activities such as registration of a temporary residence permit (RWP), residence, citizenship, could help in the collection and preparation of documents required for registration of legal stay in the country desired stay, as well as in the development of tactics its early preparation. An experienced immigration lawyer should be able to appeal against the refusal of the authorities to its principals RVP, residence permit, citizenship, work towards removing the ban on entry into the country, if there is one ...

Immigration lawyers aid to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation


There are the variety of Russian laws, their confused and do not necessarily for execution – it is much more complicated to understand for foreigners. Bureau lawyers know how hard it is sometimes to foreign citizens understand Russian laws and act in accordance with the settled in the Russian order of doing things. It is often that Foreign citizens apply to Bureau for assistance  in matters of family relations (conclusion / divorce, division of property, determining the order of communication with children) about the maintenance of purchasing property in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as help to allocate shares in the joint venture with Russian business or for return on investment.

 But all these people have in one way or another, are oriented in the Russian reality, are in Russia legally, have experience life in Russia. But what about people who are in Russia for first time? How to gain a foothold in this huge country legally? Independently answer questions hardly anyone could be.

 And the question arises between the set. What are the modes of legal residence in the Russian Federation (temporary residence permit, residence permit, work permit)? What documents are necessary to obtain them? How can I get the citizenship of the Russian Federation? In which body and in what order should be handled? What documents and information must be obtained in the Russian Federation? How to lift the ban on entry? All these and many other questions you will answer migration lawyer.

Specificity of activity in this area is such that for specialist in this area is not enough to navigate in Russian laws, it is necessary to have extensive practical experience in dealing with government officials, in particular, the migration service.

 Lawyers from the Migration Department of "Scheglov and Partners", headed by an experienced legal advisor - Marina A. Kushnerёva , are not only a high level of professionalism and responsibility, the ability to quickly and accurately solve their tasks in a short time, also to communicate, decency and compassion to the principals.

  Assistance of immigration lawyers to the Russian citizens leaving the country

The majority of Russian citizens who leave the country for permanent residence or for a longer stay, also increasingly seek the help of professional lawyers. Knowing how difficult it is to navigate the Russian legislation, our fellow citizens with the greatest relief charge to our lawyers the collection and preparation of documents for emigration.

 Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" for 15 years has provided a comprehensive legal assistance in exile in countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Latvia ... But lately, the most popular among our clients rightfully earned sunny Spain without losing its position as Canada and Latvia.

 If you are also interested and residence permit in Spain or Canada, Bureau and our representatives in these countries will have all the necessary assistance. In particular: choose the most suitable for you visa regime will accompany the collection and submission of documents, offered a choice of options to purchase real estate, accompany the deal on its acquisition, as well as the structure of the legal opinion on the possibility and feasibility of the establishment or transfer of business in those countries, to advise on other legal Affairs. If necessary, provide legal assistance directly in the host country, you will always be offered assistance of highly qualified lawyer among our many partners.

Please contact us if you need an assistance of immigration attorneys:

1) Russian lagislation:

  •       removal of bans on entry into the Russian Federation
  •       identifying reasons for imposing a ban on entry into the Russian Federation
  •       notification of the FMS of a dual citizenship
  •       a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation
  •       residence permit in Russia
  •       Russian citizenship
  •       migration audit for the Russian enterprises with foreign workers
     Tel number: +7(495) 748-00-32  

2) Spanish law:

  •       residence permit in Spain (for investors, property owners)
  •       acquisition of real estate in Spain
  •       training in Spain

3) Canadian law :

  •     Immigration to Canada
  •     Training in Canada
  •     transference of Russian business in Canada / establishment a company in Canada (Toronto, Ontario)
     Tel number : +7(495)748-00-32           


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