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For each historical period there is one’s rule, no even our time is exception. More and more organizations hiring foreigners and stateless person. Of course, to employ such workers in many ways beneficial, but we want to remind you that its application has its own legal characteristics.

And relevance of compliance with the immigration laws by SP and leaders, who usea labour of foreigners.

Any employer, a legal entity or individual entrepreneur is obliged to adhere strictly to the Russian legislation the conditions of employment of this category of persons. Failure to comply with relevant legal norms is fraught with the involvement of the offender to administrative responsibility (a fine of up to 800,000 rubles for one illegally recruited staff), while more negative circumstances - and to justice. Do not forget the axiom: ignorance of the law does not exempt from penalties for non-compliance. Therefore, the key to a successful business, which uses the labor of foreign workers is to minimize the associated risks.
 Of course for the head of an organization that employs foreigners, it is impossible to navigate the Russian migration law and its changes with no help, and it is not economically feasible to keep the special employee for that.
 In this case, and for a small and medium-sized businesses and bigness would be beneficial to use the organization of the regulatory process document relating to foreign employees, outsourced.
 Law Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" provides such services  for over 15 years. For this purpose the Bureau established the migration and the legal department, which is currently headed by Counsel Kushnereva Marina A. .
 During this time, lawyers and jurists perfectly worked mechanism of legal assistance organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the field of immigration law and immigration audit. It is hard to count the number of organizations and individuals who, through promptly provide expert assistance of our experts could work in peace, without exposing themselves to the risk of bringing to administrative responsibility.

A short list of those who entrust us with migration issues.

Orders Law Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" to support migration issues for their employees at different times produced such well-known companies as "Yugas Diamond", "Alcan International Network Eurasia", "Cannon Eurasia" MC "Gold Project", "of IR Leasing "," Linde Gas Rus "," Ruiz Diamonds "," Ruiz Group of Companies "," Alcan Packaging Moscow "," Alcan Packaging Istra "," Moscow jewelry Factory "," H. Stern Leviev "," Lucas-Gold "," Mosalmaz »,« Grupo Mall »,« Chery Automobiles Rus "," Enlargement H "," the Dalai Story "," TCC "House of Africa", "SALTEK Russia", "Limonta LT-Holding "," Rosy Blue Excellent »,« Eurasia Tsenters Play "," Pat Engineering East "and other respected Russian and foreign companies.

The upcoming strengthening accountability for violations in the field of migration law.

In light of recent legislative initiatives, which resulted in the introduction of deputy  from the "United Russia" in the State Duma a package of amendments aimed at improving migration legislation and increased responsibility for its violation, services in the field of migration audit continues to be in demand.

Legal assistance in the field of migration law.

We remind our esteemed principals and all interested persons that lawyers and jurists from the migration Legal Department  "Scheglov and Partners" provide the following professional legal assistance:

- Advice on migration legislation oral and written;

- Support organizations to maintain records of the foreign employee (check the legality of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, the direction of notification letters to all state agencies when hiring a foreign citizen or stateless persons, control over the timing of the foreign worker in the territory of the Russian Federation)

- Operational check lawyer or attorney immigration department if necessary on your subject and solution of legal problems during the inspection by law enforcement officials;

- Verification of documents of foreign employees for authenticity (visas, migration cards, residence permits, temporary residence permits);

- Preparation of projects of civil contracts between your organization (or you as SP) and foreign employees.

Where and who to address for advice on migration legislation.
Detailed advice on the terms of the provision of legal aid in the migration audit is available on tel .:
+7 (495) 748-00-32 at the head of the department Kushnereva Marina A.
or by e-mail>>>

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