Resolution of legal disputes without court involvement.
(20-year experience of the bureau "Shcheglov and Partners" in the reconciliation of the conflicting parties)
A lawyer as a mediator

It is stated in the article 7 of the professional ethics Code of lawyers that the prevention of judicial disputes is an integral part of a lawyer legal aid. However, a lawyer does care about the elimination of everything that prevents the amicable agreement not only because of this.

There are often the situations in the lawyers’ practice when the pre-trial resolution of the conflict meets the interests of all the parties, and is actively accepted by everybody. Moreover, in the event of a conflict situation between the two clients of a lawyer in the relations formed without his participation, the lawyer has the right, according to the paragraph 2 of the article 11 of the professional ethics Code, to offer the clients «sit down at the negotiating table» and, in fact, act as a mediator.

It is worth noting that the execution of the mediator functions, as a professional and in a non-professional basis, is not contrary to the status of a lawyer, which is fixed legislatively. This circumstance is separately noted by the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation.

Mediation services of the law bureau «Scheglov and Partners»

Why we?

- We are able to persuade the conflicting sides to negotiate.

- We have an extensive experience of conflict resolution «in a peaceful way», since 1993.

- We resolved peacefully the most complicated disputes with the millions property claims.

 - We reconciled the irreconcilable enemies.

 - We found the way out of the deadlock of legal situations which could not be solved in court for various reasons.
- We reached the agreement between the conflicting parties in the same document at once in several subjects of the dispute.

- We have helped to reach the consensus on a variety of disputes, for example:
• to foreign and Russian businessmen in cases of allocating a share of the total business or return of the investments;
• to owners of the joint business in cases of setting apart of the share or compensation;
• to insurance companies and insured persons in disputes concerning the payment of insurance compensation;
• to mass media and to people involved in their publications on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
• to customers and banks,  particular in cases of disputes concerning the provision of brokerage services on the securities market...
• to spouses in cases of division of property, disputes on children;
• to tax authorities and taxpayers in tax disputes;
• to neighbors in the disputes on the apartments flood, land survey of land plots, slander, insult and harm doing...;
• to companies and to their former employees in cases of restoration on work disputes, unpaid wages and compensations for illegal dismissals and not granting leave;
• to developers and equity investors in disputes about the commissioning of untimely projects under construction, the refusal of the stakeholders (investors) from any payment obligations in the event of a breach of these terms, the revision by the customer unilaterally of the contract price of the premises under construction...
• to debtors and the collector agencies in collection of the debts disputes;
• to participants of the road accidents in the disputes arising from the accident, including criminal cases related to the traffic accident... ;
• to heirs in the dispute of inheritance,
• to authors and performers in the disputes on the protection of the copyright;
• to parents and other persons in the disputes regarding the contestation or the establishing of paternity...;
• to doctors and their dissatisfied patients, tour operators/travel agents and their clients, educational institutions and students/learners, shops and buyers in their disputes over the quality of provided services…
• to supposed criminal and victims on a number of criminal cases by the reconciliation of the parties with the subsequent termination of the criminal case in the court in accordance with article 25 of the Code of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation  and with the article 76 of the criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The attorneys and lawyers of the bureau will provide the legal support in the execution of the obligations on the non-judicial meditative agreement. If necessary, such an agreement will be executed through the court as the amicable one by means of the formal submission of the claim and the subsequent reconciliation of the parties to the subsequent receipt of Executive document. However, if the parties have reached a consensus on good will, there are, as a rule, no problems with the execution of obligations under the agreement.
We can assure you that our lawyers are constantly working on improving their skills and professional growth in different branches of law, including the sphere of alternative resolution of disputes with participation of a mediator, called now - mediation.
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• You can discuss the question about the possibility of solving the conflict out of the court, by contacting the Senior managing partner of the bureau - Yury Shcheglov by phone +7 (985) 767-94-86
• You can get the complete information on the meditative agreement, qualified advice of a specialist in this field if you sign up for the preliminary consultation by phone: +7 (495) 748-00-32.

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