A new word "mediation" or
legal assistance of experienced lawyers in out-of-court disputes settlement

A few years ago the lawyers of the bureau were losing the majority of their working time in arbitration courts or courts of General jurisdiction.

The case can drag on for a long time...
The trial – it is always long expectations of the process beginning and the endless postponements of the cases’ hearings... But it is not a secret that the cases, especially civil, stretch in the courts for years: the party that has a little chance of winning has an arsenal of tricks to delay legal processes. It leads not only to enormous losses of time but also of money, nerves, finally, the evidences on the case... And after the court decision, as a rule, it all starts again: the appellate, cassation and supervising complaints of a dissatisfied side, cancellation of decisions, new trials...
That’s why our attorneys and lawyers refer to the help of the slow judicial system less and less, using out-of-court methods of rendering legal assistance in the decision of legal problems of our principals.

How we do it
When applying for such legal aid our law bureau "Scheglov and Partners" on the instruction of its principal, but on behalf of the bureau, gives to the other side a proposal on the settlement of a legal dispute. The bureau, trying objectively take into account the interests of both conflicting sides, with appropriate references to the legislative framework, sets out the possible legal consequences and perceived material losses in case of refusal of an adverse party the solution of the issue in a non-judicial way.
In a compromise the attorneys and lawyers of the bureau help the parties to conclude and execute the agreement in a proper way, treated as mediative now.
So, for example,
• in divorcement we help to ex-husband and wife to conclude the agreement on the maintenance of the child and the agreement on the division of the property;
• for damage caused by the accident, - the agreement on voluntary compensation of the caused material damage;
• in violation of the consumer’s rights by the performer – the agreement on  voluntary compensation of caused damages, etc.

It is  advantageous for both sides
As our practice shows, thanks to such approach, many of the legal problems of our principals have been resolved without a trial with a minimum expenditure of time, money and without any moral costs. And it has proved beneficial for both sides.
Legislative consolidation of mediation
Since January 1, 2011 the Russian legislation enshrines the concept of mediation, as a way to resolve disputes with the assistance of a mediator-an intermediary on the basis of the voluntary consent of the parties in order to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.

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• You may discuss the question about the possibility of solving the conflict out of court contacting the senior managing partner of the bureau - Yury Shcheglov by phone 8 (495) 748-00-32.

• You may get the complete information on the meditative agreement, qualified advice of a specialist in this field applying for a preliminary consultation by phone: 8 (495) 748-00-32.

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