"There is nor the most noble prince, nor the richest man,
that might not be necessary advice and assistance to lawyers
in the most important matters, not only related to the property,
and honor, but the life happens "

Antoine Loysel (1536-1617), an eminent French jurist

Legal Advice: sensible advice of attorneys and lawyers to resolve your legal situation.

This article is about:
  • Does a free legal advice similar to the cheese in the mousetrap ...
  • Where and how to get the right legal advice ...
  • How not get to the criminal lawyer if you need advice on heritage ...
  • Does it turned out cheaper to appeal directly to a lawyer bypassing the head...
  • Myth or reality, that legal advice is always more expensive that  jurist counsel ...

 Attorney ‘s legal advice or lawyer’s in Moscow- today you can get anywhere . It has become a sad reality that the announcement of legal advice and services of lawyers posted on roadside poles and in a doorways. This, of course, not only harms the reputation of the entire legal community, but also threatens the infliction of actual damage to such gullible citizens who respond to that advertisement.

But this is only seems that any lawyer easily able to advise you on any legal question. Often people call in the office or on attorney’s mobile phones and ask an advice immediately by telephone, and the questions usually are not standard and there is no ready answers yet. Therefore, it is understandable why a clients often tell us that before to choose us  they called a few law firms, where they were denied legal counsel, allegedly due pressure of work.

In fact, there are many lawyers and attorneys who simply avoid engage citizens legal advice. To give correct and useful legal advice in relation to a specific case on forces far not every lawyer. After all, to find the necessary laws or articles of the Code, does not mean to find the right solution of legal problems.

When you choosing a lawyer or attorney to obtain competent legal advice on your question, it is better to prefer someone who specializes in the desired area of law. Of course, this does not mean that other lawyers or attorneys not be able to give you advice. A good lawyer is guided in all areas of law. Yet the real help and sensible legal advice you can get from someone who has experience in doing business in the desired legal industry and knows the relevant jurisprudence.

Today we may see in increasing frequency like someone from lawyers, attorneys specializing in cases in arbitration, someone on criminal defense, and someone most popular family, inheritance, land and other civil cases and someone studied copyright or chose to specialize in immigration or corporate law ...

The lawyers and attorneys of bureau "Scheglov and Partners" are experienced and have been specialized consistently in almost all areas of law.

Some of our attorneys previously worked only in criminal cases, but then a professional interest in arbitration cases made from "criminal" lawyers  a outstanding professionals in the field of civil law and the arbitration process. Some of the lawyers prefer only family, but eventually expanded range of professional preferences and in their arsenal appeared successfully conducted business by inheritance, labor, housing disputes, protection of business reputation ...
Therefore on the site, representing our attorneys and lawyers, you can see quite a big list of various branches of law, which in his law practice, represented by  one or another specialist of our office ...

In your search for a place where you can you can get competent and sensible legal advice, always keep in mind a few important points:

1.    Choose legal practices, which employ at least a few lawyers. Based on the fact that to allow their lawyers and attorneys have the opportunity to choose the case.

2.    Refer to the head office or the Bar. It's better to do on the phone first. Immediately call the topic on which you want to get legal advice. Let the leader will appoint an attorney or lawyer for advice on your question. Based on the fact that the leaders know best specialization and the level of knowledge of their lawyers. The Head is interested in preserving the professional reputation of the team headed by him, and thus to each customer was satisfied with his legal services rendered. This is the absolute guarantee that he will appoint a lawyer for you that will fulfill its mandate well. Well, in case you are not satisfied with legal advice, you will always be able to ask the manager to replace the lawyer.

3.    Do not be afraid that the price of the consultation will be more expensive if you go to the head, rather than directly to a lawyer. It is unlikely that the lawyer wants to lower the price is likely he may be tempted to take a sum higher than the official prices firm, as you have with him any sort of special, "contractual" relationship, and the price of his advice, no one can control. You thus will not be sure whether you have determined the best experts in the desired section of the legislation.

4.    The legal advice and counsel price. It is believed that the advocate - it's always insanely expensive, but the jurist - he seems to be on the easier and cheaper. Unfortunately, the price has long been leveled, and in particular the juridical firm prices are much higher than in an advocate office. Given that advocates and jurists are now working in law firms and in legal practice. So call manager, inquire about prices consultations advocates and jurists, you simply assign the necessary specialist and if his services for you road, do not hesitate to negotiate reduced prices. The head is likely to run towards you, but the advocate and the jurist (if he works in a law structure) has no right to make this decision yourself.

5.    Agree in advance with the assigned you to consult an expert on the phone about the time of the meeting. Also it will be useful to call in advance lawyer topic of your question. This will allow him to plan his time and prepare for legal advice.

6.    Suggest to get a legal advice only at the office of lawyer education, in your best interest not to do it by phone or email. You deprive yourself opportunities to make contact with a lawyer, and his - set on a course of communicating with you clarifying questions, examine your documents, check with the legislation ... And finally, seeing your reaction, your consultant will not be able to evaluate, whether you realize the essence of his legal advice. Also, do not settle for a meeting with a lawyer somewhere in the cafe or other public places, it will detract from the working attitude and you and your lawyer. In addition, you can’t evaluate someone in front of you, really a lawyer or an impostor. And on the contrary when you came to a lawyer's office, you are at least on the sign at the office you will realize that he lawyer. A level of equipment attorney's office can help you to some extent, to evaluate the level of lawyers working in it. Furthermore, in the lawyer's office is always a possibility in particularly difficult cases to consult with colleagues, see the legislation. And you, if subsequently occur clarifying questions will know where to find your legal advisor.
7.    Decide whether you want to get advice orally and in written form. It should be borne in mind that the legal advice in the form of a written opinion is always more comprehensive and well-designed. This is due to the fact that the preparation of the written consultation, the lawyer has more time and opportunity to appeal to the law, check for changes and additions, compare your answer with the jurisprudence. However, written consultation takes time, so it should be ordered in advance.
8.    Choose the paid consultations. Remember that the legal advice of an experienced lawyer in demand can not be free. And if it is free, then, most likely, it will be a short answer which will make you more questions. In our time, when the greatest value is the time, which is sorely lacking busy people expect to get a full answer, considering all the options out of the current legal situation, it would be naive. Almost never the same legal problems have no standard and the same solutions.
Advocate needs a time to listen carefully to you, think about everything, and with you the thought process involved in the search of several solutions to your problem. And, most likely, even when the consultation is over, he will continue to think about your problem, and it is possible that in a day or two he will find another, perhaps a more optimal solution. But if the advice is not paid, it is unlikely that good demanded lawyer can afford to spend on you more than 15 minutes. And not because he is motivated by self-interest. He is simply not allowed to do other customers who are willing to pay for his time and expertise. And his clever head is busy these problems other clients for one reason: a sense of responsibility not allow counsel given to the problem of the client, paid for his work, in less time than that which is free. At the same time we must not forget that the lawyer has no salary in the ordinary sense of the word. He has no social benefits and the future of a normal pension. He has just financial obligations: to pay taxes, to make payments to various funds, to make any kind and size of corporate contributions. In addition, office maintenance, purchase of books and all sorts of information systems, payroll service personnel and a lot more then the other also occurs at the expense of his fees. So the money for all this, as well as on the content of his family, he needs to earn the most, giving legal advice and conducting litigation.
So make your conclusions: Do you need free legal advice or you ready to pay for.

With respect and best wishes
To choose a good lawyer,
Partner Advocates Bureau "Scheglov and Partners"
Honorary Lawyer of Russia,

Irina Shcheglova.
Translated by Flora Aleksandra

As well: To make appointment for legal advice at the Law Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" You can call the senior managing partner of the Bureau Yury Scheglov - phone: +7 (495) 748-00-32, +7 (895) 767-94-86 .

Legal advice on migration law (issues residence permits, the temporary residence permit, Russian citizenship) can call the head of the department of immigration bureau Kushnereva Marina : +7 (495) 748-00-32.

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On the rules of providing oral and written legal advice to lawyers and attorneys of our office can be found here >>>

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