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We think lightly and frivolously about Interplanetary Internet . And really, what kind of seriousness can be if recently a low speed and high cost of it belong  it to the category of expensive communication and obscure toys for adults.

Rapid development
Meanwhile in the past 10-15 years the Internet has become a real platform for the creation, maintenance and development of major business projects. Massive involvement of citizens and availability of the Internet in a most remote locations of mobile device access provide an opportunity to attract numbers and numbers of potential customers, which no one advertising on television can attract.
 And this uniqueness of the Internet and most importantly its cheapness already appreciated by all, including small businesses.


At the same time, very few businessmen that bring those business in the cyberpro are wonder what laws is there? How to exercise own rights without violating the rights of others? How to protect yourself from unscrupulous competitors and market participants? How to protect the ultimate consumer? How to enforce its interests?

Legal regulation of the online area
 it's worth noting that the times of outright cyber-piracy and Internet lawlessness are gone. The State to set  about regulation of a new area, using international experience and existing international law.
 Today we can say that any offense or crime committed using the Internet, is fully covered by the Russian legislation, and can be prevented or punished along with similar acts committed "an obsolete way."

The method of the crime - the Internet

When we talk about a specific violation of rights in cyberspace, especially remember the law of intellectual property (copyright, patent rights, the right to a secret-production (know-how), the right to the means of individualization). Meanwhile, there are cases of typical crimes (fraud, extortion, and other illegal business) using the Internet. For example in practice of the author was one case which began with the principal treatment for protection against claims of ISP services payment bond (in this case it should be noted that the cost of such "services" on paper exceeded all conceivable limits dozens of times) and ended with qualified the action of provider as fraud.

Cyber lawyers against cyber-pirates
 The only thing and perhaps the most serious difference of the Internet, this is the complexity of the collection, receipt and registration of evidence. In the absence of "conventional" evidence many individuals with the violated rights, they can not even correctly identify what happened and where to complain.
A lack of uniform court practice on such issues makes the outcome completely unpredictable. Only the active participation of a representative a lawyer specializing in this field, will help you to defend your position, to protect the violated rights and obtain reasonable compensation for an applied business damage.

The Lawyers from "Scheglov and Partners" have enough practice to represent the interests of their clients whose rights have been violated in Internet: the goodwill defense cases about publishing on the Internet a false and defamatory information, that disputes about domain names, the illegal use of trademarks on the Internet, the improper provision of Internet services, the copyright on the work, laid out on the Internet. .....

In addition, the ongoing analysis by our experts, the study directions of development of legislation in this area often help to lawyers to settle disputes between parties in the course of negotiations without going to court...

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