Inheritance cases, assistance of a succession lawyer and inheritance disputes

Do you need real legal assistance of a wise and trusted lawyer for your complex inheritance case?

The law bureau "Shcheglov & Partners" Y.Shcheglov, A.Dyadishchev, D.Novikov, I.Kushnerev, J.TimergazinaThe law bureau «Shcheglov  and Partners» recommends you its best lawyers: perfectly oriented in all nuances of the inheritance law and having a rich practice on the most confusing and complicated cases. We guarantee professionalism, responsibility in the study and the conducting of your case. You can completely entrust your inheritance case to our specialists and be confident that they will do everything to offer you a real legal assistance.

We recommend:

Honored lawyers of Russia: Irina SHCHEGLOVA and Dmitry NOVIKOV; the head of the Department - Evgenia TITENOK, as well as Natalia SOSULINA, etc.

Call the senior managing partner of the bureau - Yury SHCHEGLOV by tel. +7 (495) 748-00-32 or +7 (495) 961-00-19 and you will be recommended one or several (depending on the case complexity) best succession lawyers. In spite of the fact that our lawyers are ready to help you at any stage of your inheritance case, it should be borne in mind that it is better to resort the consultation of a succession lawyer in proper time and not when the dispute between the heirs broke out already in court.

It should be added that the Russian hereditary right - is the part of civil law which in the recent past has undergone serious changes. For example, the circle of heirs by law significantly expanded , the procedure of registration of wills has changed ... There are a lot of questions because of these innovations that people ask.

For example

- if a prospective heir is not included in the circle of close relatives, what is the best: leave him a flat bequest, make a contract of purchase and sale or make a gift certificate, i.e. in advance to minimize taxes, accompanying the adoption of the inheritance?
- or how to dispose the property in the case of death in order to avoid further disputes associated with the inheritance division between the heirs?
- or how to protect a favorite grandson in future of the difficulties associated with the inheritance adoption and registration of it?
It is obvious, that it’s better to go to a notary when the choice has already been done, for example, in favour of a will or of a contract of the rent with the condition of life maintenance. But in order to do the right choice taking into account the specific situation, you should first contact a lawyer-specialist in inheritance cases.

The inheritance cases lawyers of the bureau "SHCHEGLOV and PARTNERS" may always help with:

  • legal advice (oral and written) on inheritance law;
  • legal assistance in selection of the optimal form of inheritance abandonment;
  • legal assistance in drafting of the wills, an annuity contract, a contract of donation or sale and purchase;
  • legal support in accession the heirship and in procedure of the inheritance acceptance;
  • legal representation of heir’s interests in tax authorities in the event of a dispute, in connection with wrong calculation of the amount of tax levied from the inheritance;
  • legal representation in the court on inheritance cases:
  • about contest of the wills;
  • on the settlement of the disputes about inheritance cash deposits, real estate, residential premises in HCC houses, etc.

For the convenience of its principals the bureau cooperates with the well-known notary offices of Moscow, in particular with the office of experienced notaries - Ralko Vasily, Oleynova Antonina. In case of necessity and in the interests of the principals, our lawyers work out the projects of the documents subject to the notary registration, adjust its texts to a notary, collect and prepare all the necessary accompanying documents. The assistant lawyers reserve convenient time of the reception at the notary for a client (or settle the question of a notary’s visit to a client), accompany a client to a notary office and provide the necessary legal assistance at the notary.

Call the senior managing partner of the bureau "Shcheglov and Partners" - Yury SHCHEGLOV by phone: +7 (495) 748-00-32 and we will provide you a real legal assistance in solving your problems on inheritance cases.

Our lawyers are the real professionals and treat each case as the most important case in their law practice!

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