Family law attorney: marriage contract, divorce, division of property, child support and determination of the order of participation in bringing up of the noncustodial parent.

 Family law attorney as a good friend

Family relations are the most fragile, most mysterious aspect of human life, regulated by the norms of the law.

The questions of the family and marriage require the utmost scrupulousness and tolerance as at the stage of their formation so in the case of the internal problems between the spouses.

The special tact is required from the strangers who try to resolve the arisen misunderstanding. That’s why a family law attorney should be a professional not only in the field of the law but also become a good friend  for his clients for this period of time.

“Simply about complex” or sensitive issues in marriage and the marriage contract

Any lawyer will tell you that you should think about divorce and its attendant problems before marriage. But how to tell to your beloved second half, when you are not married yet, that you have already thought about the possible fragility of your marriage?
However, this is the question that must be discussed at the stage of conclusion of the marriage. In this situation it is better to ask for the help of a special advocate. A family law attorney, his second name is «Delicacy», will help to resolve this issue without resentment and suspicion of your second half. The lawyer will explain what a marriage contract (agreement) is, why it is needed, how it can protect the rights of both parties and how will protect from problems in case if the marriage proves to be transient.

The Best way to solve marriage problems is to agree. A family law attorney can help

In the course of rendering assistance the lawyers of the bureau “Shcheglov and Partners” are frequently able to persuade the spouses resolve the disputes in the pre-trial order, by the conclusion of the appropriate agreements. This allows the parties not only to aggravate the conflict situation by the mutual accusations in the court but also save time and money.

The lawyer’s role in this case is not only to calculate the capital earned by you over the years of joint life but to explain the rights and take into account the wishes of both spouses, take care of children’s interests. Of course, if such solution is not acceptable for the parties, lawyers themselves, without the personal participation of their clients in court, on the basis of a power of attorney, present and protect their interests.
In any case, attorneys and lawyers of the law bureau “Shcheglov and Partners” consider it to be their goal resolving any problem so that the spouses or former spouses could preserve normal relations with each other after a dispute resolution.

A family code and business partners

Finally, some of the institutions of family law, such as, for example, a marriage contract or agreement on the division of property, can often help you to solve issues, absolutely not-concerning marriage. Intelligently written marriage contract helps to eliminate claims to you from your business partners, banks or other organizations, minimizes the cost of resolution of these problems.

About the program "Family law attorney"

Family law attorneys of the law bureau "Shcheglov and Partners" have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to clients in various matters of family law.

The program "Family / personal attorney" was established for rendering legal assistance to family and to each member of it in particular in everyday life and it is successfully practiced in the bureau for many years.

 Approximate list of legal services of a family law attorney

*  legal advices to spouses, including through E-mail;
*  agreements on registration the property relations of the spouses, marriage contracts and division of property agreements, including during divorce, etc.;
*  agreements between the spouses on the legal regime of residential area usage of one of the spouses;
*  family law attorney services;
*  the legal policy to family members;
*  representation of spouses’ interests during negotiations on divorce and division of property;
*  representation of spouses’ interests during negotiations between the parents about the definition of the communication order with a child of the non custodial parent.


*  on dissolution the marriage, including cases, complicated by the issues of upbringing and maintenance the children and division of property;
*  on divorce in the court without participation of the parties;
*  on collecting the the alimony on children and spouse;
*  on division the joint property;
*  on recognition the marriage invalid;
*  on determination the place of children`s residence in case of separate living of the spouses;
*  on determination the participation in the upbringing of a child by the non custodial spouse;
*  on establishment and contestation the paternity;
*  on deprivation or restriction the parental rights;
*  on adoption the children;
*  on establishment the guardianship and the other cases...

Get legal advice on the conclusion of a marriage contract or delegate the work to the best family law attorneys of the bureau you can contacting with the Senior managing partner of the law bureau “SHCHEGLOV and PARTNERS” Shcheglov Yury Anatolievich, tel: 8 (495) 748-00-32 or +7(985) 767-94-86, or sending e-mail

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