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Attorneys legal services on the Enforcement of Judgments

 In the minds of many citizens and leaders, there is a strong opinion that if a positive decision of the court is obtained, the question with the debtor is automatically resolved. As well as some of the lawyers and even experienced lawyers believes that its task - to win a court case, but the execution - it is not his concern. And in some cases it is so.
  If the principal forgot to order a legal services attorney or lawyer to support enforcement proceedings after the trial, then on his own initiative, a representative of this court will not do. For this is a very serious and self attorney (legal) service that requires the lawyer not only knowledge of the legislation, relevant experience, but a lot of time and effort. For there are many legal and other tricks used by unscrupulous debtors and their legal advisers not to pay its debts, even when the court has made a decision to recover from the debtor's debt.
  As a rule, the banks, where the lender comes with the writ of execution in the hope of getting him to cash from the account of the debtor, not assistants in this case the creditor or bailiff. As shown our law practice banks even without fear of harsh articles about the serious financial penalties for non-performance of court decisions, know how to save money on your customer's account and skillfully provide him proper courtesy. Especially if the client is a solid ...
 Therefore without an experienced, knowledgeable these subtleties lawyer or a lawyer specializing in enforcement proceedings, it is very difficult to enforce the court's decision. And if you care about the execution of a decision to leave only on the conscience of the bailiff then a number of objective and subjective reasons, the lender can not wait for its execution, the need for a lawyer now as relevant as ever.

Bureau lawyer - Dmitry NOVIKOV advice:
 At the conclusion of contracts with a lawyer or on representation of your - specify: does  the contract contain the item saying that enforcement proceedings ll be accompanied by a lawyer . Otherwise, you should be prepared that  for the enforcement proceedings you will need to sign a new contract for a  legal aid. And still unknown: whether your lawyer will undertake for this job, or you will be forced to look for a new lawyer. And this - the time that the executive production particularly expensive.

Legal aid in the enforcement proceedings in civil and arbitration proceedings may be expressed as follows:

 Legal advice, including written, under the law governing the enforcement proceedings.
Negotiations with the debtor and its representative on the voluntary debt repayment.
Representing the interests of clients in bodies engaged in enforcement proceedings (Bailiff Service) throughout the Russian Federation, including the implementation of the decisions of arbitration and general courts in complex cases, including:
participation in enforcement proceedings as a representative of a party;
representation of interests of clients in the bailiff service;
cooperation and work with the bailiffs to recover the debt (damages, penalties, etc.), the size of which is specified in the writ
where necessary, with police officers leaving for inventory property of the debtor, for its subsequent implementation in accordance with the law bailiffs for the redemption of debt;
appeal against actions (inaction) of officials Bailiff Service.

These or other legal action Bureau’s attorneys will perform in order to achieve a real execution of a judgment in your favor. And at any moment legal support enforcement proceedings only an attorney will able to determine on time: what is going on there - at Bailiff Service for the timely and full execution of court orders in your best interest. And if necessary will bailiffs appropriate legal assistance or will take the necessary legal steps in violation of the law and inaction on the part of police officers,  to address them.

For accompany of enforcement proceedings or to get advice, please contact with the senior managing partner of Bureau “Scheglov and Partners”  Yury  Scheglov on phone +7 (495) 748-00-32+7 (495) 748-00-32, or by email >>

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