Criminal attorney

A good attorney treats about facts,
While brilliant one treats about opponent.

Russian system of investigative bodies is a very specific system, where law sometimes can be replaced by concepts. However, despite the fact that many lawyers go on about the system, the winners are those who challenges it bona fide by law. An excellent attorney’s defense provides even if not the acquittal, but a significantly commuted penalty and requalification of the act to the crime of lesser gravity.

Our attorneys would never display crazy statistics such as “99% acquittals”, because it is impossible number in Russian judicial system. Our attorneys cherish their good names and would never act out of law. Our rating among criminal attorneys is deserved by bona fide work with clean hands.

Assistance during the investigation stage and in the court on the following cases:

  • bribery;
  • economic crimes;
  • commercial crimes;
  • drugs;
  • fraud;
  • crimes against life and health (murder, manslaughter, rape, battery, assault, etc.);
  • car accidents criminal cases;
  • offense and defamation;
  • jury courts.

Appeal, cancellation of probation and removing of criminal record:

  • appeal, cassation and Supreme Court supervision;
  • cancellation of probation and removing of criminal record;
  • grant of parole.

Another services of criminal attorneys:

  • representation of victim’s interests on all stages of the proceeding;
  • protection of witnesses’ interests during proceeding;
  • protection of trustee’s rights during questioning in Department of Economic Crimes Combating, Prosecutor’s Office, Investigative Committee, Federal Security Service;
  • defense of Russian citizens in international criminal proceeding;
  • annual subscription service for emergency help in case of criminal government bodies claims.

When choosing a competent criminal attorney you should pay attention on the following facts:

  • Is it comfortable for the suspect and his relatives to communicate with the attorney?

    Practice shows that when there is no trust between a client and an attorney, the emotional tension may influence on the quality of services in the future. That is why it is recommended to look at your criminal attorney’s eyes and ask yourself whether you are ready to entrust him your life, freedom and future.

  • Whether your attorney knows well specific sphere of your problem?

    When an attorney takes cases of all crimes, it probably means that he does not know specific features of each single crime and apply mostly general rules of Criminal law. Otherwise, when an attorney knows a certain category of crimes inside out, he knows typical mistakes of investigation bodies, all tricks they use in absence of evidences or in case of unlawfully collected evidences. Such attorney easily may destroy prosecution or demonstrate to the court fragility of the evidences.

  • Does your attorney know work of investigative authorities inside?

    It is not a surprise that factual way of work of Russian investigative bodies is significantly different from those one which is prescribed by legislation. In case if your attorney knows real work of investigators, he would be able to predict their acts and to evaluate procedural effect of all events.

Our criminal attorneys:

Experience of our Criminal law and process top specialists amounts 20 and more years. The Senior Managing Partner of the Law Firm “Shcheglov&Partners”, honorary lawyer of Russian Federation, Yury A. Shcheglov has been working in the prosecuting authorities for 11 years: from investigator to the head of the largest District Prosecutor’s Office. There is no doubt that his skills and knowledge received during this career are invaluable now in his attorney’s practice.

A serious experience of the legal defense in hi-profile cases (with jury as well) have also following attorneys: Dmitry N. Novikov, Artem A. Lilyak , Vladislav V. Puglenkov. They all previously worked in the investigative authorities.

Trustees characterize our attorneys as intelligent, energetic and tenacious experts, as real specialists in their sphere.

Relatives of the suspects usually highlight that the attorneys of the Law Firm are always attentive to the issues and needs of their defendants. They do not only sparingly perform their duty, but sincerely worry for each trustee’s case.

After all, each person deserves fair trial, justifiable punishment and condescension regardless of committed crime.

You may contact us for criminal legal help by calling Yury A. Shcheglov (Senior Managing Partner): +7 (495) 748-00-32 or by sending a message here: e-mail. We are open on Monday-Friday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., on Saturday: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Our best criminal attorneys are always ready to help You, because defense of citizens is our work and vocation!

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