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Civilian - specialist in civil law.
                                                                                                                                               “hic Rhodus, hic salta”
- "Here is Rhodes, jump here!"
Aesop's Fables

Is it good lawyer to boast victories?
It could seems strange the motto we chose for this article. But we think that the words sound to the point, addressed to boastful pentathlete from Aesop's Fables, being at home he recount  about an extraordinary leap committed by him on the island of Rhodes: "If what you said - the truth, the witnesses are not necessary. Rhodes here, here, and jump! "
That's a good lawyer in civil cases should not only dwell on the victories and fees but also "jump" to the point, that is actually working on the case. And every day our lawyers confirm their words with deeds.
 We rarely think that the most popular areas in which today require assistance of a sensible lawyer – is the civil case. Family, inheritance, housing, land affairs, business reputation defense, consumer protection, indemnification  - all this endless sea where a good lawyer should be like a fish in water.

Who is it, a good lawyer in civil cases?
The variety of issues one way or another, a lawyer touch in his activities, obliges him to be broadly educated, able to navigate the legislative acts immediately in the trial terms available in the evidence and, if necessary, seek new ones.
 In a lawyer in civil cases should be combined a great with insightful practitioner who avoids all the pitfalls of the trial, choosing a winning tactic, and at the same time avoiding nobody coloring conflicts with the opposing party.

Who needs this lawyer?
In Russia the general idea is that lawyers need only to dishonest people, offenders, criminals, in refutation of this error, the representative in civil proceedings (whether an attorney or a qualified jurist) will help you defend the fundamental rights: the right to property, the right to housing, the right to education and health, or to protect your interests in labor disputes, disputes about children and Section property, alimony, inheritance ...

In what situations can not do without the lawyer assistance?
 Attorneys and jurist help could be indispensable for matters of legal support of complex transactions, especially if it deals with shares, with the business of real estate in Russia and abroad, as well as in the assessment of legal risks in transactions or invalidation of transactions. However, even in such seemingly banal situations, such as the negotiation of the terms of the marriage contract (agreement) or the division of joint property of the spouses, or purchase an apartment - believe me, really need the assistance of counsel. However, some understand it is only later, when the acts are committed and have problems. That's when they start trying to friends: "Who has a familiar competent lawyer?" ...

The Bureau’s practice of common pleas
At the law Bureau "Scheglov and Partners" for 20 years has developed optimal practice work in civil cases. Typically, orders for the maintenance and preparation of particularly complex civil cases are executed by the working group of two - three lawyers and lawyers who specialize in due law areas. This approach ensures complete and comprehensive study of the necessary legislation and judicial practice. It also provides interchangeability of lawyers in the trial and the possibility of total control by the Bureau’s team leader -  Yury Scheglov A..

Who lawyers ? ... And what they can do?
One can enumerate the case, successfully carried out by lawyers, but take at least for the current 2013:
•    Attorney at law – Irina Scheglova V. : business reputation defense, support of transactions with real estate abroad, business analytics and conducting the procedure due diligence, support for the purchase of common property in the complex ...
•    Attorney at law – Alexey Begin K. : inheritance cases, division of property, labor disputes, damages suffered in a car accident ...
•    Attorney at law – Victoria Ribalko V. :  disputes from the contractual relationship, the recognition of transactions void, inheritance disputes ...
•    Attorney at law – Musa Abdurakhmanov R. :  consumer protection, representation of clients in disputes with medical institutions (medical law), damages from injury, recover damages, recognition of transactions void, the recognition of property rights ...
•    Attorney at law – Ksenia Luzina V. : alimony, termination of parental rights, divorce, disputes about children, inheritance disputes, representing the interests of participants in an accident, recovery of damages caused as a result of the accident ...
•    Attorney at law – Dmitry Surkov V. : protection of creditors' rights claims for the recovery of the banks loan amounts, fines, help lift the attachment of property; consumer protection; demarcation of land for various purposes, removal of (establishing) the easement; recognition of the transaction invalid (valid) including: a contract of sale of real estate, contracts equity in the building; establishing the fact of accepting the inheritance, division of the estate ...
•    Attorney at law – Julia Lyalutskaya A. : intellectual property protection, copyright protection, protection of trademark rights, internet disputes, support of public procurement, protection of goodwill ...
•    Attorney at law – Lilyak Artem A. : reducing the cadastral value of real estate, including of land, tracking transactions with real estate ...

•    participate in the general jurisdiction courts;
•    preparation of cassation and supervision complaints;
•    representation in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation;
•    representation of interests to appeal to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation;
•    complaints to the European Court of Human Rights;
•    advice and written opinions;
•    legal examination of documents;
•    an objective legal assessment of the case judicial perspective.


•    compensation for harm caused damage to health;
•    compensation for damage caused by an accident;
•    a cause replacement of the things with disabilities, a penalty and compensation for moral damages;
•    a cause of replacement of the goods of inadequate quality;
•    a cause of inadequate services and others.

•    divorce, including without participation of the parties in court; partition of property;
•    collection of child support;
•    establishment of paternity;
•    reducing the dimension of child support collected;
•    maintenance procedures for acceptance of the inheritance;
•    representation in court for probate: the resolution of complex disputes about inheritance money deposits, real estate;
•    invalidation of the purchase and sale of real estate;
•    section of the living space;
•    appeal against the refusal of registration (residence permit);
•    disputes over land transactions.

•    legal policies, marriage contracts;
•    services of a personal / family lawyer;
•    bringing family and personal legal documents "in order";
•    pre-trial settlement of disputes;

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