Contesting of overpriced cadastral value

Land tax decrease!

Base, rate & tax.

Let’s specify for a start: land tax is calculated as the tax base is multiplied by the tax rate. The tax base - is the cadastral value of land as of January 1st. Land tax rates established by the relevant legal act of the Russian Federation. For example, the land tax rate for the city of Moscow established by the Law of Moscow of 24.11.2004 № 74 "On Land Tax" and range from 0.025 to 1.5% depending on the purpose of the land. Conclusion: smaller the cadastral value of the land,  less land tax.

The cadastral value as the average temperature in the hospital

The cadastral value is determined on the basis of mass appraisal, by an appraiser which involved  specially by Rosreestr, and approved by the relevant decision of the executive authority of the Russian Federation. After the approval of the information about cadastral value  entered in the cadastral registration. Since the mass appraisal can not take into account all the individual characteristics of the land, affecting its value, the cadastral value of the land can often differ from the actual market value at times. The average deviation is at least 30%.

God helps those who help themselves

A significant excess of the cadastral value of land over its market value is against the taxpayer's right to a fair and reasonable taxation. Therefore, the taxpayer may apply for protection of their rights in the administration (through a special commission under Roskadastre) or the courts. However, challenging the cadastral value of the administrative procedure is currently limited to six months from the date of making the appropriate information in the state cadastre of real estate. After this period, only possible challenge in court. But going to court - it's up to the professionals.

Protection of the rights of the landowner on reasonable taxation!

The Bureau’s specialists have successful experience in cases contesting the cadastral value. In some cases we were able 20 times reduce cadastral value!
At the first consultation lawyer defines the legal term applied to your real estate. And further, if the legal position - produces the optimal sequence of actions to protect your, as a taxpayer, for the purpose of reducing the rights of the cadastral value of the object, and therefore reduce the land tax.
To get the best legal advice concerning  reduce the cadastral value: contact with the Senior Managing Partner Law Office of Moscow "SCHEGLOV and Partners" - Yury Scheglov  phone: +7 ( 495) 748-00-32+7 ( 495) 748-00-32, +7 (985 ) 767-94-86+7 (985 ) 767-94-86 or e-mail >>>


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