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SHCHEGLOV YuryThe law bureau «Shcheglov and Partners» has experience in providing comprehensive legal business services since 1993, although the experience of individual lawyers of the bureau in this field started even earlier - from 1988 -1990.

The Bureau employs experienced lawyers and attorneys, specializing in different branches of law, regulating the legal relationships of the business entities.

Advocates and lawyers of the Bureau depending on their specialization combined into departments, it allows the team to develop the concept of each of the legal project at a good professional level with the knowledge of different branches of law.
Legal subscriber maintenance  provides organizations a full spectrum of legal services on a permanent basis.

• Important! The minimum time period for which a contract may be concluded on a full legal service is 6 months.
For the implementation of the legal service of an organization a group of lawyers is appointed, headed by the leader of the group. The selection of specialists, necessary for fulfilling the instructions of the Principal, shall be determined in each case individually, taking into account the volume and the degree of complexity of the tasks given to the Bureau. As a rule, the group includes the lawyer - expert in the field of labour law, attorneys and lawyers specializing in the field of arbitration, migration, corporate and tax law.
For organizations with a small amount of work can be appointed a single performer (an attorney or a lawyer), it does not prevent from using the help of the other lawyers of the bureau if needed.

For  work on individual orders, as agreed with a client, the Bureau recruits its partners: economists, accountants, translators, independent appraisers.

The bureau also carries out the consulting services such as: preparation of business-plans, evaluation of enterprises, assessment of shares, contributions and other assets.

An indicative list of services included in the package of complex legal service.

1. Drafting legal opinions and analyses relating to any of the questions, connected with the current economic activities.

2. Legal consultations on the issues of legislation: corporate, civil, arbitration, tax, business, tarrif, labour.

 3. Drafting and review of contracts, participation in negotiations.

4. Legal examination of constituent and internal documents of the organization.

5. Check the correctness of documents’ registration on the right of rent and the right of property of the organization on land, real estate, other property.

6. Bringing the constituent documents of the organization in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation, the interests of the organization and the founders.

7. Rendering the legal assistance to the personnel service of the organization, personnel audit and consulting, registration of the internal documents (employment agreements, regulations, collective agreements, etc.).

8. Procedure of representation in any judicial and extrajudicial proceedings in all the instances.

9. Obtaining licenses, permits.

10. Registration of the changes in the constituent documents: the development of the new constituent  documents, registration of the subsidiaries, establishment of the branches, representative offices, liquidation; assistance to the partners in the section of business.

Types of work envisaged by p.p. 8-10 are included only in the complete legal service or the separate contracts are set up for their implementation.

You may get the answers to the questions in the given direction from the head of the Bureau -  by tel. +7 (495) 748-00-32, +7 (985) 767-94-86 or by sending a written request >>>

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