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The main reason why companies contact arbitration attorneys for legal help is the need of skilled dispute resolution and minimization of expenses regarding the conflict.

In-house lawyers are often incompetent in issues linked with intellectual property, invalidation of contracts, tax disputes and in cases of contestation of administrative fines.

Sometimes it can be dangerous to entrust to in-house lawyers such categories of cases as contestation of corporative deals, shareholders disputes and disputes regarding company management, bankruptcy, M&A deals. These are the cases that should be available only to the top management.

Services provided by the “Shcheglov&Partners” Law Firm in arbitration:

  • Debt collection (payments under contracts, unjust enrichment, damages and loss of profit);
  • Vindication;
  • Defense of IP rights (trade name, trademarks, know-haw, etc);
  • Protection of honor, dignity and goodwill;
  • Tax disputes and contestation of government bodies’ acts;
  • Leased municipal property ransom;
  • Reduction of the cadastral value of the property;
  • Resolution of corporative disputes;
  • Contestation of corporative deals;
  • Disputes regarding company’s management;
  • Bankruptcy.

Another services on economic disputes:

  • Appeal, cassation and trials in the Supreme Court;
  • Review of arbitration decisions on newly discovered facts;
  • Representing the trustee’s interests in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in other international arbitration courts;
  • Recovery of compensation for the violation of reasonable terms of proceedings.

Attorney’s help in business:

  • due diligence;
  • Supporting of deals (international one incl.) until execution of the contract;
  • Comprehensive subscription service for Companies;
  • ADR and Mediation.

What is important when choosing an attorney?

  • Whether your attorney treats stage of preparation of a case for the trial seriously?

    To complete a case before a trial takes place is invaluable skill of an attorney. This help to save trustee’s time and money. Collection of evidences, sending complaints and claims are extremely important acts for the future trial.

  • Did an attorney get acquainted with the documents and facts before providing you legal position and prediction of the result?

    An attorney which promise a successful trial, but which has not spent enough attention and time to the documents, unlikely would be more attentive and less formal in the court. On the other hand, such attorney would be cheaper than others.

  • Did an attorney concentrate on the issue of confidentiality?

    Attorneys of the “Shcheglov&Partners” Law Firm always offer to our trustees to sign a contract on confidentiality and negotiations before starting any conversation. We are aiming not only to defend your interests in the certain trial, but also to prevent any future difficulties.

  • How an attorney of our Law Firm can help you?

    There are not only famous national companies (aviation, shipbuilding , tube and pipe industry, construction, research, mass media, etc.) among trustees of the “Shcheglov&Partners” Law Firm, but also USA businessmen, Italian one, from Poland, China, South Korea, Germany, France and India as well. Categories of cases that our attorneys worked out for their national and foreign trustees were absolutely variety.

You may contact us for legal help in arbitration by calling Yury A. Shcheglov (Senior Managing Partner): +7 (495) 748-00-32 or by sending a message here: e-mail.


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