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"It is not easy  to foresee troubles
but not easy at all  - to find a way out. "
Baltasar Gracian (1601-1655) – Spanish prose writer and philosopher

 From abroad comes a lot of proposals to the Law Bureau "Scheglov and Partners"  for the provision of assistance to Russians associated with the purchase of real estate in a particular country, business registration, immigration assistance in court cases and such.
In this regard, the Bureau instituted a firm rule: before recommending anything to their principals, attorneys Bureau conduct a thorough check of legal purity, legality and feasibility of realization of a particular proposal. These checks are carried out consistently with the departure to the country from whence came the offer, or through instructions to our colleagues - foreign lawyers with whom we have a proven partnerships (such as with lawyers in Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Jordan, Singapore, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy and even the lawyers of a number of countries in which our lawyers acquainted personally).
 Once the Bureau received a proposal from Denmark for assistance in registration of companies with Russian capital. Because our clients are interested in the proposal received, the lawyers left the Bureau to Denmark to study this topic. However, with a knowledge of the mediation of the registration office and with the proposed procedure for entering Russian investors share capital, our lawyers found several significant legal flaws.
Since these flaws facing a real material losses for Russian businessmen, and for elimination of defects Danish company has not agreed, in her collaboration with the Bureau was denied. The clients which had intention to register their companies in Denmark, there were appropriate caution. Later by advocates has been developed more secure scheme of investment in a company in one another country.
At the same time, other outward voyages of Bureau lawyers with clients such as, for example, in Hong Kong, Beijing, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Egypt, Spain ... led to the lucrative contracts.


1.  Lawyer abroad:
•    in Spain
•    Canada
•    In Germany (Austria, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Switzerland)

2. Joint management (legal help) of Bureau’s  lawyers with foreign lawyers of Russian citizens and organizations affairs in the courts of foreign countries:
Quest of foreign lawyers who specialize in the desired area of law;
conclusion of the contract;
Building a common legal position in the case;
Search and clearance of the evidence;
negotiation and correspondence on the case;
exercise general control over the process;
explanation to the russian principal of legal essentially proceedings in the case and so forth taken by foreign lawyers.

3. Legal assistance when buying property and / or business abroad:
•    in Spain (Costa del Sol)
•    Canada (creation, purchase or transfer of business)
•    Latvia
•    Germany
•    Switzerland

4. Immigration / legal assistance to obtain a residence permit:
•    Spain
•    Canada
•    Latvia

5. Help in buying / selling real estate:
•    in Spain
•    in Latvia

6. Information, counseling and legal services associated with education in schools, colleges and universities, language courses:
•    Canada
•    in Spain (Costa del Sol)

The legal advice or to discuss the terms of your order can be the Bureau lawyers by contacting the Partner Law Bureau "SCHEGLOV and Partners" Irina Scheglova by phone: +7 (495) 748-00-32 , +7 (916) 065 -50-49 or sending e-mail>>>
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