Our attorneys and lawyers accrued extensive experience in corporate practice. They will provide you a full-range legal service to support your business on every stage of its development in Russia. Our attorneys and lawyers can provide you a strong support in the following issues:
Legal Entities, Representative and Branch Offices

  • Registration of companies in any territory of Russia
  • Accreditation of foreign companies’ representative or branch offices in Russia
  • Drafting and delivery of documents related to establishment of business in Russia
  • Reorganization of companies
  • Changes in foundation documents
  • Obtaining licenses, permits, certificates
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Off-shore companies registration

Corporate issues consulting

  • General consulting on regulation of relations between JSC shareholders or LLC participants with company’s management
  • Legal expertise and drafting of commercial contracts
  • Due diligence
  • Expertise of legal background of business offers
  • Legal support for participation in tender projects

Labor issues

  • Drafting and expertise of labor contracts
  • Consulting on labor law
  • Settlement of labor disputes


  • General consulting on tax law issues
  • Tax planning
  • Consulting on off-shore companies
  • Legal expertise of tax authorities actions
  • Legal support in settling disputes with tax authorities
  • Litigation on tax issues in arbitration courts

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • General consulting on IP protection regulations
  • Legal support in protection of IP rights through litigation
  • Settlement of disputes on use of trade marks, distinction marks and brands through settlement prior litigation


  • Legal support for acquisition of real estate
  • Legal expertise of legal history of real estate, subject of acquisition
  • Drafting and delivery of contracts for acquisition of real estate
  • Constructing an efficient and reliable scheme of real estate acquisition with minimum taxation
  • Services related to state registration of the rights for immovable property (issue title deeds)


  • International marriages between Russians and Non-Russians
  • Drafting and expertise of marriage contracts
  • Division of matrimonial property

Although our attorneys have been involved in various litigations, they always strive to settle dispute prior to it, thus saving time and money of our clients.
Before filing claims or suits our attorneys provide clients with elaborate information on possibility of settlement prior litigation, assess litigation perspectives, basing on substantial check of existing court and law enforcement practice.
Besides, they consult clients on possible actions of the counterpart.
Law enforcement is undoubtedly the most issue in legal practice. Even when court decision means positive effect for a party, it can bring effect only in case of proper enforcement. Our attorneys make use of their extensive practical knowledge to help our clients to avoid possible problems on the stage of court decision’s execution.
Once litigation turns to be the only way to settle the dispute, you can rely on our attorneys. The firm’s attorneys gained an impressive experience of protecting rights and interests of companies and individuals at Russian Arbitration and General Jurisdiction Courts on civil, criminal, administrative disputes. They also represent clients at International Commercial Arbitration Court of Russian Federation Trade & Commerce Chamber.
Our Firm provides attorney services mostly in:

  • Corporate disputes over relations between JSC share-holders or LLC participants with company’s management
  • Recovering bad debts
  • Non-performance or improper performance of obligations
  • Loss indemnity
  • Disputes on terms and conditions of agreements or termination of agreements
  • Invalidity of transactions
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy)
  • Acknowledgement of the right of ownership
  • Reclamation of dispossession
  • Protection of business reputation

Our experienced attorneys and lawyers will provide effective legal support to receive a status you need for living and working in Russia by obtaining one of the following:

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