Participation of the advocates of the bureau “Scheglov and partners” in the international advocate`s conferences.

The advocates of the Bureau regularly take part in international advocate`s scientifically practical conferences and seminars. Taking part in such measures the advocates of the Bureau have several aims.
At first, this is a great opportunity to study certain professional topics more profound. So, for example, the scientifically practical conference organized by the International Association (Union) of the advocates in April 2002 in Strasburg in the European Court of Human Rights, had the theme of its study the questions of practice of the European Court of Human Rights and grievance procedures specified in the Court.
At second, participation in conferences is an opportunity to get acquainted with the structure, system, experience of the work of Bar Associations in other countries, to establish business relations with foreign lawyers.
In particular, during the conference conducted by IA (U)A in October 2002 in Portugal, Portugal representatives of the Council of the Lisbon branch of the Order of Advocates acquainted the Russian advocates with the structure, system, organizational and legal forms, moral and ethical principles and experience of the Portuguese Bar Association.

This information was particularly relevant for Russian advocates due held in the period of the Russian legal reorganization and bringing the attorneys in the compliance with the new law on the legal profession in Russia. Every Russian participant of the conference was presented a book about the Portuguese Bar Association and certificate of participant by the Vice-President of the Board of the Lisbon branch of the Order of Advocates Portugal Mr. Raposo Subtila.

Many of the clauses relating to moral principles of the advocate`s activities contained in the book were used by the attorneys of the Bureau for studying and discussing in their seminars. Another aim of the participation of the attorneys of the Bureau in the conference is the opportunity to meet the lawyers from other regions of the country, to discuss common problems of advocacy.

For example, the subject of conference participants repeatedly became the draft Law on Advocacy in the Russian Federation.
So, in Baden-Baden during a conference in May 2002, when the Law "On Advocate`s activities and Advocacy in the Russian Federation" has already been accepted by the State Duma, but still needed the approval by the Federation Council, the representatives of the Russian Bar Association once again discussed the "pros "and" cons "of this Law.
This was done in order to express the opinion of the attorneys on the Law via their colleague, member of the Council of the Federation D. Bednyakov before his participation in the upcoming meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Legal and Judicial Affairs. This historical discussion was attended by the attorneys of our Bureau Yuri and Irina Shcheglovs. Participation in conferences allows the attorneys to establish personal friendly and professional relationships that allow the attorneys from different regions, if necessary, to combine their efforts in order to comply with problems of their clients.
Through the efforts of the organizators of the conference, the attorneys were able to visit the places that cause the professional interest of any lawyer. One of these places is the famous Palace of Justice in Brussels, which was opened back in 1883, during the reign of Leopold II. It is the greatest building in Europe, its total area is 26,000 square meters. One of the notable places of the Palace of Justice is a waiting room that has an area of 3,600 square meters, where young beginning lawyers and trainees offer free advices to the poor in order to get the practice. Russian lawyers in the Palace of Justice were not only able to visit the advocate`s premises, but also to observe the trial, visit courtrooms, including the Great Hall of the Assize Court, to communicate with lawyers, judges and prosecutors, to visit an amateur performance, where playing the servants of Themis in their spare time.  Another no less anxious for any lawyer is to stay within the walls of the Council of Europe or the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, where IA (U) A has twice held its conference. This possibility is due to the fact that IA (U) A has a permanent representative in the person of Akhmat Glashev in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. During their visit to the European Court of Human Rights the participants of the conference have got the detailed information about the procedure of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights from the Special Adviser of the European Court Michael Lobov. During the period from 1994 to 2010 the attorneys of the Bureau in total participated in more than 30 attorney`s forums, held under the auspices of various international Bar Associations. Over the years the attorneys of the Bureau participated in conferences organized by the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates, Interrepublican Bar, Russian Guild of advocates and other professional communities of lawyers.

So the attorneys of the Bureau visited the seminars taking place in Cyprus and Israel - in 1994, in Greece - in 1995, in Sri Lanka - 1996, Malta, Italy (Sicily) - in 1997, in France (Paris - 1995, Strasbourg - 2002 Nice - 2005), Belgium, Luxembourg - 1997, Switzerland - (1997 and 1999), in Tunisia - 1999 Turkey - 2001, Portugal - 2002, Germany (Baden-Baden, 2002, Dusseldorf - 2005), Spain - 2003, in India (Goa) - 2004, Morocco and Singapore - 2005, China - 2006, Egypt - 2006, and also in the Netherlands (1997, 2005), Japan, South Korea, Montenegro, 2007 - Dominican Republic, 2008 - Jordan, 2009 - Greece ...

In addition, the attorneys of the Bureau repeatedly received many personal invitations and participated in international conferences held by various Russian and foreign organizations. Typically, topics of such conferences were associated with the interests of the clients of the Bureau.