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Yury A. Shcheglov

Professional credo:

 «Any problem always has one feature. It can be solved».

                                               Yury Shcheglov
An attorney. The honorary lawyer of the Russian Federation. The senior managing partner and founder of the Bureau. PhD in Economics.

Offshore legislation, consulting, federal and municipal property, debt recovery, real estate.

Supervised areas.
Sale, establishment and support of offshore companies; representation of the clients’ interests in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, in the Highest and the Moscow regional arbitration courts, the General Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation; legal support in obtaining quotas, certificates, bank loans, legal support of election campaigns.

Law practice.
Yury Shcheglov has an extensive knowledge in the field of criminal and procedural criminal law. He has a positive experience of the decision of the principal debt collection problems, the fulfillment of the obligations in the pre-trial settlement of disputes.

Stages of the formation.
Yury Shcheglov has a higher legal and economic education. Law practice is since 1990. Before  the legal profession he has been working on the investigation and management positions in bodies of the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation for 12 years. He created the law bureau «Shcheglov and Partners» in the collegium of advocates in 1993, before it he headed the specialized legal advice for 2 years.

In 2003, in accordance with the new law on advocacy, Yury Shcheglov brought the law bureau «Shcheglov and Partners» from the Board composition and transformed it into an independent legal structure.

Since 1994 he is a member of the Advocates International Union.

In 1995 he was included in the international advocates register - members of the Union Internationale des avocats (UIA). He is a participant of various international lawyers ' conferences and the First all-Russian Congress of advocates, dedicated to the 135-th anniversary of the Russian legal profession and to the 5th anniversary of the Guild of Russian lawyers.

In 2000 Yury Shcheglov  was awarded the title and the badge «Honorary lawyer of Russia».

In 2001. Yury Shcheglov entered into the number of the best lawyers of Russia: his name was included into the Book «Russian advocacy at the turn of the centuries. Best lawyers of Russia».

In 2002 the information about him was included into the 2-th volume of the Encyclopedia «Best people of Russia».

In 2003 the curriculum vitae and the photo of Yury Shcheglov were placed into the first book of the Advocates International Union dedicated to the contacts with foreign colleagues.

In 2004 the Committee for awarding the lawyer awards named after F. N. Plevako took a decision to reward  the Senior managing partner of the law bureau «Shcheglov and Partners» Yury Shcheglov  with the Silver medal of Plevako.

In 2005 to the 15th anniversary of MS(C)A  the photographs and biographical data of Yury Shcheglov, who  participated in 11 international conferences, conducted by MS(C)A, were again placed on the pages of the anniversary issue.

In 2006 Yury Shcheglov was awarded the medal «For the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms» and the diploma of the Moscow city chamber of lawyers Board «For the successful protection of citizens’ rights and interests of organizations».

In 2010 he was awarded the medal «International lawyer» for the professional skills and merits in front of the Advocates International Union.

Professional development.

Yury A. Scheglov participated in the international conferences and seminars for lawyers, held under the auspices of the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates: in 1994 in France (Paris), Cyprus (visiting Israel); in 1997 - on Malta (visiting Italy, Sicily), in 1998 - in Belgium (with a visit to the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and in Sri Lanka; in 1999 - in Tunisia; in 2002 in France (Strasbourg) , Germany (Baden-Baden) and Portugal; in 2003 - in Morocco; in 2004 in India (Goa) and in Germany (Dusseldorf); 2005 in Singapore and France (Nice), in 2006 - in China (Hainan island), in 2007 in the Dominican Republic, in 2008 - in Jordan, in 2009 - in Greece... He participated in the international conferences and seminars that were passed by another organizations in Greece, Montenegro, China, Japan. .. As an honorary guest he took part in the specialized seminars concerning the creation and legal support of the offshore companies, acquisition of real estate, including the acquisition of the land in Montenegro, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Denmark…

Yury Shcheglov is the author of several publications on various legal topics, including in criminal, electoral law, patent and copyright legislation of the Russian Federation. January 19, 2001 the higher attestation Comission (VAK) approved the decision of dissertational Council for awarding Yury Shcheglov a scientific degree of the candidate of economic Sciences. The choice of the economic sphere as a scientific specialization and further protection was determined by the necessity to study, on the one hand, economic questions, as a business lawyer, and, on the other hand, management issues, as a manager.

Yury A. Scheglov regularly performs on TV with the juridical assessment of the situations concerning the breached rights of the citizens, including the programs «Crime» and «Whole-hearted confession» (NTV), in a series of programs on legal issues (GTRK). Independently from the busyness he answers all the requests of the journalists: to prepare the answers on the readers` questions concerning legal issues. So, for example, during 2003 year Yury A. Scheglov was answering the questions of the readers in the heading of the business journal “The advices of attorney”.

Of performance characteristics.
Yury Shcheglov is punctual, decent. He does not give empty promises. He promises only what he is able to implement. He always fulfills the given promises. He has a well balanced mind, a quiet character, benevolent. He is a convinced pacifist.

From the comments of the trustees, clients and colleagues.

“As for me, Scheglov Yury Anatolievich is multipurpose as an attorney. His legal advises are original, clear, wise and the most important – they are true. Often for the first view his position about the affair seems paradoxical and provokes the controversy and disagreement of the majority of the colleagues. Wherein he doesn`t discuss it and he never try to convince anybody. But as a result he is the one (!)  who is right”;

“During more than 10 years I repeatedly used the services of an attorney Scheglov Y.A. and each time I was wondering his intuition, life wisdom and professionalism. In case of necessity his professional help is always real and effective”.

The attorney Scheglov is expensive and respective attorney with his own relations and developments. He never gives the empty promises, never persuades, never convinces. But if he promised something he will keep his word. You can trust him”;   

Yury Anatolievich Scheglov is my personal attorney more than 5 years. And with all my responsibility I can declare that the advices and consultations of the attorney Y.A. Scheglov are always intelligible, professional and expensive. Cause he repeatedly helped me to find the solution of the most difficult life and legal situations and I am limitlessly grateful to him”;

“About the attorneys like Yury Scheglov they say: “an attorney who really wins the affairs” and my affair was a confirmation of it”;

“Y.A. Scheglov is expensive, strict and sometimes harsh in his work attorney  but wherein he is always effective and successful”;

“As for me, Yury Anatolievich Scheglov is one of the best criminal attorneys, anyway he really gave me the professional help in my affair”.

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