Ksenia V. Luzina

Professional credo:

The good lawyer it is not who says:
"I will defend you well"
but those who defended well.
Luzina Ksenia

Attorney-at-law. The registration number with the Register of Moscow 77/9386.

• International and Russian adoption.

• Civil (family, housing, inheritance, copyright, labor) law, including:
     - From housing relations ensuing disputes (eviction; removal from the register; elimination of violations of the rights of the owner of the dwelling, the recognition of the rights of ownership of the dwelling; damages in view of the flood of premises, etc.);
     - From hereditary relations ensuing disputes (the finding of acceptance of the inheritance; recovery period for acceptance of the inheritance; challenging the right of inheritance by law, the recognition of the will invalid; the inclusion of property in the succession mass; recognition of the right to inheritance, etc.);
     - From intellectual, copyright ensuing disputes (recognition of authorship (co-authorship) for the recovery of royalties, for the recovery of the author's advance, the recovery from the author of the amount paid; the payment of remuneration for the use of the invention;
     - From family relations ensuing disputes (divorce, including foreign nationals, division of marital property, the definition of the order of communication with the child, the definition of the place of residence of the child; the return of the child; the deprivation of parental rights, the restoration of parental rights, on the recognition of the marriage contract completely (partially) invalid, annulment, establishing paternity, alimony, to reduce the amount of maintenance, for the recovery of maintenance for the parent, grandchild (granddaughter), grandmother (grandfather);
      - Protection of the violated rights with the recovery of the damage and compensation for moral damages: consumers, creators, illegally dismissed employees, victims (including from criminal acts, Bay apartments, spread invalid discrediting goodwill, data, etc.);
      - Disputes between business entity (debt collection, breach of contract, the protection of goodwill and others.

• Administrative and criminal law, including:
       - Protection from the stage of criminal proceedings (inquiry, investigation, Magistrate's Court);
       - Protection of the court of general jurisdiction in the magistrate;
       - Appeal against judicial acts in the higher courts.

Legal practice
Experience in the sphere of passport- visa service of foreign individuals and legal assistance in the field of migratory legislation. A positive experience in civil, inheritance cases, land affairs. Successful representation of clients’ interests in bodies engaged in enforcement proceedings (court bailiffs Service), including the enforcement of court decisions.

The history of professional formation
It was not doubt in the choice of future profession: brought up in a lawyers family, a child was in the range of lawyers, judges and prosecutors. Immediately after the end of high school in 1998 use to work as a lawyer and it only "warmed up" an interest in a difficult advocacy.
In 2000, after has passed the qualifying examination and an internship in one of the leading legal advice of Kemerovo town,  She received the status of a lawyer and continued the family path, becoming, as they say: "hereditary lawyer."
Early in his advocacy as a young lawyer, was doing business as intended consequences free of charge, but never lower the bar of professional responsibility for their clients, regardless of their ability to pay. This, unfortunately, has always caused a storm of negative emotions on the part of employees of the investigation and prosecution in relation to the intractable lawyer, firmly defend the legitimate rights and interests of her "unpaid" wards.

But such a position of  lawyer Ksenia Luzina as a result quickly, almost in a year, led to the growth of her popularity and demand, as a professional counsel on serious and already well-paid business. Then, to replace its demand for criminal, came a recognizing as a sensible specialist in civil cases. She quickly earned the trust among friends and acquaintances of their acquaintances, friends and friends of friends as a great lawyer for such disputes like family, inheritance, land, housing.  And in the end most of the cases in her execution began to take civil cases.

In 2008 Ksenia Lusina with her family moved to Moscow and received membership in the Chamber of Attorneys of Moscow.

During the time of her service to people as a defender of rights and interests, from Luzina Ksenia never any doubt of correctness of the choice of profession.
In recognition of her professionalism - in 2010 she was invited to participate as a lawyer in the television project “Federal  Judge” on the First Channel, which was filmed during the year. Creative arts brought a certain pleasure from work. Also participated various legal television programs, to comment on issues of family law. Lawyer Luzina convinced that every question witch the  principal addressed to her, highly individual and requires a professional approach.

Law practice.
Civil cases:
The case of divorce, division of property and determining the place of residence of the child.
One woman asked advocate Luzinа Ksenia, about  her great misfortune with  her husband - who fell in love with another woman, he decided to leave his family, pick up all the property itself, and the child into the bargain too. What could be worse for a woman?!  All of these requirements have been combined into one action proceedings, which significantly complicates the case, because it demanded immediate huge collection of evidentiary base. The husband knew that the baby for a woman - is important the most, and that she would give anything to not be separated from her dear child. When the woman came to consult with Ksenia, she was terribly broken and suppressed: in fact she thought only to make child stay with her. Ksenia had to start working from to help that woman to calm and give her the belief that the law is on her side, and she needed to gather strength for the entry into the process to claim her rights. In a short time the lawyer and her principal was assembled a large and convincing evidence presented, as well as found property that is not included in the spouse division of property, namely: cars, apartments, cash in accounts that spouse acquired during the marriage and that the woman did not  know. The lawyer managed to convince the commission guardianship authority that to meet the requirements of the father to leave the child to stay with him, contrary to the interests of the child, as in the circumstances and in view of his age he needs more a mother then a father, in connection with that child should be left to live with her. The conclusion of the guardianship authorities was clear - to make the child to be with the mother. With such evidence is inevitably decision was made in favor of women. Later, outside the trial, former spouses through negotiations, that Ksenia led, failed to reach agreement on the voluntary determination of the order of the child's communication with his father and grandparents.

The case of inheritance.
The principal addressed to  Luzina Ksenia with the problem in the acceptance of the inheritance. Since 1952, her father and her mother were in a legal marriage. During the marriage in 1970 her mother became a member of housing co-operative, and from 1970 to 2003 (on the day of death of her father) they (she and her father) they were permanently resident in the apartment belonging to this cooperative. After the father's death she with her mother turned to the notary statement of acceptance of inheritance in the form of another apartment belonging to her  father on the property rights. The principal  even did not add the cooperative apartment into account , as her mother said -  she was  a member of the cooperative, and no one else has the rights to the apartment. At that time principal did not know that the property of one spouse acquired during the marriage is the joint property of both spouses regardless of to whom it is drawn up. Later, after learning of her right to inherit a share in a cooperative apartment, derived from the right to her father – the principal marital share in the apartment, she addressed to the notary for registration of rights to their share in the inheritance. Notary refused to notarial acts. Lawyer Luzina prepared for the benefit of principal and sued in the court of the place of opening the inheritance claim for recognition of a cooperative apartment matrimonial property (mother and father of principal) recognition of share of father in this apartment equal to ½ of the apartment, in recognition of principal’s share hereditary property, equal to ¼ part of this apartment.

The action of award.
 The citizen R. addressed for help to advocate Luzina to represent him in the case of the protection of its copyright. Intervene in the case, the lawyer immediately take all measures to ensure that a legal person who violates the rights of its principal, R. ex gratia compensation. She sent a letter of complaint, then met with the head of company - infringer, offered with the prior consent of the principal possibility of reducing the amount of remuneration in order not to bring the case to trial judgment. However, despite the best efforts of advocate Luzina, the court could not be avoided. Ksenia in the name  of the principal went to court of Moscow with the claim to the limited company K.(then- the Company - defendant) for the recovery of royalties for a certain period of time, the penalty for violating the terms of transfer of royalties, as well as the costs of services representative in court and court costs. The claims were motivated by the failure by the defendant to transfer the obligation of award within the period prescribed by the license agreement. On the suit claims, the court decision were R. satisfied in full.

The Case of the recognition of property rights to housing.
Acting in the interests of the citizen S.,  Ksenia went to the law against the citizen P. for recognition of citizen C. rights to the 1/8 share in the ownership of the two-bedroom apartment, termination of the right of ownership of P. on the share in the ownership of the apartment with payment to  P. compensation for this share. In support of the claim advocate  Luzina indicated that S. keep 7/8 share in this apartment  and P. - 1/8 share. The total area of 48.8 square meters: floor space- 32.8 sq. m. Size of living space, the corresponding share belonging to the defendant's right to an apartment - is 4.1 square meter. As the share of P. is negligible in common ownership and isolated area of 4.1 square meters there is not in the apartment, P. does not have significant interest in the use of common property, and also married and living abroad, that is all to cease the rights of P. on the 1/8 share in the ownership and to pay her compensation for the share owned by recognizing the right of C.  on the 1/8 share in the ownership of the disputed apartment. The claim was fully satisfied by decision Nikulinskiy District Court of Moscow . Defendant P., despite the fact that the court actively opposed the deprivation of her property, the decision is not appealed and received due compensation.

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