Artem A. Lilyak

Profesional credo:

In the basis of the most resounding victories
always lies attention to paltry details.

Artem A. Lilyak

Attorney-at-law. Registration number according to the Bar Association of Moscow is 77/10969

Criminal, penal, civil law.

From the history of the professional statement
In 2003 Artem A. Lilyak graduated from the legal faculty of North Caucasus State Technical University. After graduation, he served in the law enforcement agencies of Moscow.
Since 2005 he worked as a counsel in large commercial holding, which included entertainment centers, catering, security company.

Successfully represented the interests of the holding in front of the state agencies, led the contract work, negotiated with partners, obtained the necessary for the enterprise permits and licenses, including for the sale of alcohol products, for the implementation of a private detective and security activity, for the possession and carrying of service and special weapons. He repeatedly won the disputes with tax authorities, prosecutor`s office, DAEC. Was a winner in the trials with the workers of the holding who allowed misappropriation and embezzlement of the material goods, took part in collection of the adjudged amounts commonly with the bailiffs.

In February, 2012 successfully passed a qualification advocate`s exam.

From the recent advocate`s practice:
The relatives of S. referred to the attorney, as it turned out, S. was previously convicted by the court of a suspended sentence. The relatives have got the information about this fact only when the criminal executive inspection (CEI) applied in the court about change of the suspended sentence for real deprivation of freedom. In his petition the Head of the criminal executive inspection noted that S. allegedly systematically evaded imposed on him by a court sentence duties: did not visit the CEI, did not live at the place of registration, as well as systematically prosecuted in breach of public order. Unfortunately the court of the first instance did not check up the arguments of the CEI and the factual circumstances of the completion and satisfied the petition of the CEI about change of the suspended sentence for real deprivation of freedom and took S. into custody in the courtroom.

After studying of all the materials of the case the attorney have written a claim for the court solution where he wrote all the details about why the petition of the CEI could not be satisfied. Particularly was noted that the commission of the CEI actually moved over the work with convicted S., the workers of the CEI did not explain S. about consequences of the breach of the completion`s conditions, did not prevent about impermissibility of administrative offenses in a probationary period. Really there where two cases about prosecution of S. in administrative breach but herewith one of them was a breach of highway code. It seems a mere nothing but this kind of breach is not a reason for cancellation of suspended sentence because of systematic breach of administration law.

The Judicial Board on criminal cases of the Moscow City Court fully agreed with the opinion of the counsel, reversed the decision of the court of first instance and released S. from custody.

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