Yuliya A. Lyalutskaya

Professional credo:
 “It takes all the running YOU can do,
to keep in the same place.
If you want to somewhere else,
you must run at least twice as fast as that!”   
                    Lewis Carroll

A legal Advisor.

• Arbitration and civil law;
• Tax, finance, copyright;
• «Internet law» (Cyberlaw):
- legal support in disputes with remote services, including with the use of e-money
- disputes about domain names,
- disputes arising from the activities of Internet-shops and Internet-providers
- disputes related to the protection of the results of intellectual activity in the Internet,
- legal assistance in pre-trial settlement of certain categories of Internet disputes on the basis of agreements of the Network users;
- legal support of protection of the rights to results of intellectual activities, including maintenance of the «escrow» objects of copyright.
• Rendering of legal assistance to foreign citizens and organizations in English.
Legal practice.
• Experience of work as a solicitor in a commercial organization.
• Experience in claims work and conducting cases in arbitration court.
• Cases on protection of consumer rights including in the relations when the conclusion or performance of a contract between the parties is by means of the Internet.
• Cases on protection of copyright in the Internet, including the debate about the use of copyright and allied rights objects through the system of so-called torrent trackers.
• Disputes associated with participation of an online auction in the execution or performance of the transaction of purchase and sale in the Internet.
• Disputes on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation in connection with spreading false and discrediting information in a network the Internet.

Examples from the practice.
• Protection of the «gamers» rights (players on the game portals in the Internet)
• The right of prior use of a trade mark
• Marriage contract is not an apple of discord but a guarantor of family well-being
• Problem issues of disposal of the joint spouses’ property

The professional formation.
Juliya graduated the faculty of specialists training for the judiciary (law) of the Russian Academy of Justice under the Russian Supreme court and Higher arbitration court of the Russian Federation in 2010. She had practice in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

Qualification improvement courses.
2005 - 2010 - basics of legal translation (Russian Academy of Justice)
2010 - classic English course (Courses in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
2010 - 2013 - learning of works and practices on psychology, conflict resolution, public speaking skills, time management.

Of performance characteristics.
Yuliya Aleksandrovna Lyalutskaya posseses a high level of intelligence, education and culture, excellent education and a high capacity for work. Her professionalism, responsibility and extraordinary thinking helped her to resolve successfully the most complicated legal situations and disputes.
She has unchangeable optimism and belief in luck in any circumstances.
Juliya Lyalutskaya always strictly follows three rules while working with a trustee:
1 - «diligence» - what is entrusted, must be fulfilled.
2 - «responsibility» - what is entrusted, should be completed earlier than expected.
3- «initiative» - what is entrusted , should be made not only fine, but better than expected.

The principles of life.
Juliya is principled in matters relating to other people and to the world. In everyday life she sticks to a known legal principle that «Human rights end where the rights of others start». Juliya is sure that «...only by an own example, a sincere respect for others and exceptional attention to the environment people can change society for the better. There is no deluge after us. Our children will live then...».

About the family.
Three-year-old daughter, Nastya  is a source of constant inspiration and positive emotions. «Fragile and delicate Anastasiya Olegovna» does her mother stronger and more confident in herself. And the support and understanding of the wonderful parents: Natalia Vladimirovna and Alexander Nikolayevich Gorkov allow Juliya to work on clients’ affairs with maximum efficiency.

Alpine skiing, extreme sports, autotrips on the roads of Russia, speed, movement, adrenaline - with one hand, contemplation, fiction, love of music from the other.

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