Katerina Y. Scheglova-Yanovskaya

Professional credo:

“Careful altitude to the people is as essential part of the advocate`s as the knowledge of the laws”.

            K. Scheglova-Yanovskaya

Legal advisor in the Agency of the Law firm “Scheglov and Partners” in Marbella (Costa del Sol, Spain)

Family and inheritance law, legal supervision of the deals with the real estate in Spain on Costa del Sol

Legal Practice

Cases handled by Legal Advisor Katerina Yanovskaya include: civil and family cases, including marriage dissolution cases, annuity contracts, assistance to clients involved in real estate deals, registration of transfer of ownership for dwelling premises, obtaining permits for alterations and additions to dwelling premises, voluntary division of property between spouses, legal supervision services for Russian citizens involved in court proceedings abroad including the claims connected with the division of the mutual business.

Katerina Scheglova-Yanovskaya has a positive experience in the affairs connected with the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, invalidation of the exchange agreements and the purchase and sale agreements of residential premises, protection of consumer rights, divorce proceedings, including those with complex property division.

She has her own developments on the conclusion of the agreements between the former spouses on the disputes related to child rearing, including:
-    about the child`s location if the parents live separately (p. 3 art. 65 FC RF);
-    about the implementation of the parental rights by the parent who lives separately of the child (p. 2 art. 66 FC RF);
-    about the removing of the obstacles to communication with the child's close relatives (p. 3 art. 67 FC RF);
-    about the return of the child to the parents, in case if the child is holding not on the basis of the law or the adjudication (p. 1 art. 68 FC RF);
also the solving of the property problems for the couples of non-traditional sexual orientation by drawing up the agreements on joint use of the property "(a kind of form of the "marriage contract").
Katerina possesses the technology of legal support of:
- the annuity contracts with the condition of the alimony during the life,
- the deals of purchase and sale of real estate,
- the verification of the legal purity of the purchased property,
- the voluntary division of property between spouses, with appropriate registration and the state registration of the reached agreements.

She successfully works with the affairs connected with the pre-trial settlement of the disputes:
-    on the return of the debts
-    on the payment of penalties for late execution of contracts,
o    the investment deals;
o    the compensation of the losses caused by the sale of the vehicles with significant defects, etc.

The example from the practice

Few years ago she had to be a legal pioneer in the registration of the agreement of the former spouses about the division of the real estate. Protecting her client from the claims of the former spouse about the division of the jointly acquired real estate, that may be possible during three years of the limitation, she proposed to register the agreement about voluntary division of the property. Legal challenge was that the agreement was discussed on assignment for each side of the property, which was already registered on each of them in a time of purchase. That is why it seemed that there were no reasons for the re-registration of the rights for the real estate.
Preparing the documents for the registration of the agreement the young lawyer with a Family Code in her hands had to convince the notaries, the workers of the BTI and Moskomregistration in the legal significance of the conclusion of this agreement and its registration. She managed to prove that without the agreement and the new registration of the real estate, notwithstanding for whom of the former spouses it is registered, continues even after the divorce to be the mutual property as the jointly acquired.
The result of this work was the calmness of the client who now is living with her child in the three-room apartment and has no fear that the one-room apartment of her former husband in one or two years after the divorce would seem small and he would have a desire to make a claim about the division of the three-room apartment as a jointly acquired in the period of the marriage. Besides, just from this affair began the practice of the registration of the transfer of rights on the basis of the similar agreements.

About the professional statement

 She started to take part in the work of the Bureau in 1993, when she was a schoolgirl, studying in the school with the legal bias. She took part in the registration of the Ltd, GBC, was engaged in their statement on mandatory surveys.
In 1997-98 years she was among the winners of the city and All-Russian legal Olympiad on legal topics of consumer protection, antitrust and advertising law.
Working in the immigration department of the Bureau she was among the developers of the “New Zealand direction”. Having a goal to develop the direction and to establish the contacts with future partners of the Bureau she was directed to New Zealand by A.Frolov – the author of the famous book “Immigration to New Zealand (Australia)” and by the immigration attorney P. Kiundrik, who was a head of the immigration agency in Christchurch.

The articles and the travel notes of K.Scheglova about New Zealand were published in the "Alien" magazines "Study Abroad" and "Overseas Property". K.Scheglova was a heroine of publication in the magazine "Cosmopolitan" under the heading "Career" (August 2002).
From the working characteristics.
The distinguishing feature of the K. Scheglova is delicate and careful altitude to the people.

About the professional qualification

In 1996 and 1997 she studied English in Great Britain (in the Oxford University).  

In 2000 she had an additional language and professional training in New Zealand.
In 2004 graduated from school of oratorical art.

She took part in the work of International conferences of the attorneys: in 1996 on Malta, that held under the auspices of the International Union of Lawyers, in 2000 in Turkey with the Guild of Russian attorneys.
In 2010 she started to study Spanish. She had a language training in Spain in 2010 and 2011.

About the family

K. Scheglova is an attorney in the second generation. Her father and mother are the attorneys.
Son – Yanovskiy Yuriy Igorevich, was born in 2007.
Husband – Yanovskiy Igor Sergeevich, famous football player in the past, now is a partner and a colleague. He played for the clubs: “Avtodor” Vladikavkaz (1990-1992); “Spartak-Alania” Vladikavkaz (1993-1998); “Alania” Vladikavkaz (2004); “Chateauroux”   Chateauroux, France (2005-2006). He is a Master of Sports, champion of Russia in 1995 and 2003, Russian Cup winner 2002. Igor S. Yanovskiy played in Russian team in 32 matches and scored 1 goal, played in Russian Olympic team six matches. Also he played in the Russian team in one unofficial match. He is a member of the European Championship in 1996, two-time silver medalist of Russia, silver medalist of France.

About the friends

The best friend is a designer Lilena (Julia Fomina) and also Anastasia Danilova, Olga Ermolaeva, Alexander Boyarinov, Kirill Miasnikov, Sergey Ostrovskiy and the other good people…

About hobbies

After visiting Japan in 1994 – Japanese culture, Japanese lyrics: Say Senagon, Sagami, Basho.
After studying in England – psychology and coaching.
After studying in New Zealand and more close acquaintance with the works of the photographer Anne Geddes – art photography, decoration of the interiors…

You can reach Katerina Scheglova-Yanovskaya by
the Skype:  katerina.sheglova.yanovskaya,
e-mail: katerina@advokats.ru
or by phone in Spain: +34 622-68-213

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