Irina V. Shcheglova

  Professional credo:

"If you have a fear - do not act, if you are acting - do not afraid".
                                                                                    Genghis Khan

"The law defends everyone who has a good defender".
                                                                        I. Scheglova

The status:

The attorney.  Her registration number in the register of Moscow lawyers is 77/1895. The Senior partner and the co-founder of the bureau "Shcheglov and Partners", the curator of the Representation and free legal aid in support of deals with the real estate on Costa del Sol (Spain). The honorary advocate of Russia.

Civil law (including protection of honor, dignity and business reputation), family law (including settlement of family disputes, property division, business, determination of the place of children residence); corporate law (separation of an ownership share from the common business, protection of business reputation; supervision of large property transactions; transformation of companies; tax optimization, offshore); legal assistance to Russian citizens abroad (search of a foreign lawyer of a desired specialization, legal support litigation and settlement of property disputes); free legal assistance during the deals with real estate on Costa del Sol (Spain); legal services on Residence permit in Spain

Areas of responsibility
Legal support to large real estate transactions, including abroad; collection of debts, pre-trial settlement of disputes, legal assistance in conducting proceedings abroad. Participation in arbitration and common courts: bankruptcy, protection of shareholders' rights, separation of the share and so on. Preparation of appeals and representation of clients’ interests in the constitutional Court.

From the history of professional formation.
Irina Shcheglova began her law practice in 1980. She has been working in the bureau “Shcheglov and Partners” since 1993, together with Yury A. Shcheglov – the founder of the bureau, took part in the creation and formation of the office. Before joining the bureau she headed the specialized legal advice office. Irina Shcheglova was engaged in criminal, civil affairs, provided legal support of economic activity of state enterprises. She has in the asset judicial decisions on matters of determination of paternity, the determination of the child’s place of residence, recognizing the right of use of premises, cases on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, on invalidation of transactions and on the other categories of cases, adopted in favor of her clients.

Since 1989 she deals with corporate and business law: securities, commercial contracts, the rights of shareholders, including  representation of shareholders’ interests in arbitration court on affairs about protection of their rights, the separation of the share, the exclusion from the membership, bankruptcy, cancellation of the illegally taken decisions of the shareholders meetings. Irina Shcheglova provides legal support for real estate projects: purchase of buildings, structures, industrial-property complexes, land plots.

Since 1994 she is a member of the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates .
Since 1995 Irina Shcheglova enters the International register of advocates – members of the UIA. She is a participant of the 11 international advocate’s conferences, holding by the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates and by the First all-Russian Congress of advocates. Irina Shcheglova is a participant of international workshops on legal support to acquisition of real estate in Spain, Montenegro, Cyprus.

In 1998 Irina Shcheglova’s photo and the article about her were placed in the Almanac "Lady's portrait".
In 2000-2001 Irina V. Shcheglova ranked among the best lawyers in Russia: her name was included in the book «Advocacy at the turn of the century. The best lawyers of Russia».

In 2002 her photo and information about her were placed in the Directory "Women of Moscow".
In 2003  the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates released its first book, devoted to the contacts with foreign partners where the biography of Irina V. Shcheglova and her photo were placed among the other active participants of the international conferences.
In 2004 she was awarded the medal “For protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms” of the II degree.
In 2005 the biographical data and photos of the advocate - Irina Shcheglova were put again on the pages of the special edition devoted to the 15th anniversary of the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates .
In 2006 she was awarded the medal «For protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms» of the I degree, the diploma of the Council of the Moscow city chamber of advocates «For the successful protection of citizens’ rights and organizations’ interests».
In 2007 Irina V. Shcheglova was awarded a rank «Honorary lawyer of Russia».
In 2010 Irina Shcheglova was awarded the golden medal «International lawyer» for the professional excellence and merits before the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates.
Biographical data of Irina V. Shcheglova are included in the 1st edition of the encyclopedia «Who is Who in Russia», in Legal Atlas of Russia, other authoritative editions. Many different articles in various periodicals such as the newspaper of the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates - «Advocate», the magazine «Professional. Things and people» and others were dedicated to Irina Shcheglova.

Irina V. Shcheglova is the author of publications on protection of business reputation, about offshore jurisdictions, on matters of corporate law. She performed with legal comments in the TV show «Crime» (NTV), explaining the legal aspects of her clients’ affairs about protection of business reputation, in the news programs of channels «ORT», «TVC», «STS». She carried out a cycle of TV programs, related to consumer protection (GTRK). Many attorney editions such as: the newspaper of the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates - «the Lawyer», the magazine of the Russian advocates Guild - «Russian lawyer» wrote lots about her.
Efficiency report.

Irina V. Shcheglova is characterized by high working capacity, responsible attitude to the clients’ requests and laborious work while preparation for  affairs...  A distinctive feature of her character is friendly and respectful attitude to people.
Advanced training.

Irina Shcheglova participated in the international conferences and seminars for lawyers, held under the auspices of the International Union (Commonwealth) of advocates: in 1994 in France (Paris), Cyprus (visiting Israel); in 1997 - on Malta (visiting Italy, Sicily), in 1998 - in Belgium (with a visit to the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and in Sri Lanka; in 1999 - in Tunisia; in 2002 in France (Strasbourg) , Germany (Baden-Baden) and Portugal; in 2003 - in Morocco; in 2004 in India (Goa) and in Germany (Dusseldorf); 2005 in Singapore and France (Nice), in 2006 - in China (Hainan island), in 2007 in the Dominican Republic, in 2008 - in Jordan, in 2009 - in Greece... In 1999 she passed additional training at the Moscow University of law and management on the questions of management of foreign investments. Irina V. Shcheglova attends the relevant thematic seminars held by the law school – STATUTE when the necessity in in-depth knowledge on the definite judicial questions arises.

Work - as her main passion in life. She likes reading process as such. Psychology - as a way to find mutual understanding with people. Photography - for reflecting the history of the bureau’s development. Internet - as a source of information. Another hobby is the site of the bureau – its concept, design, structure and filling, as well as its regular replenishment with new pages, photographs and news information, also the design of the layouts for the issuing of periodic booklets and leaflets of the bureau.

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