Unions and Associations

  Almost all the attorneys of the firm are the members of the following unions:

  • The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates
  • The Federal Union of Advocates
  • The International Union of Lawyers
  • The Russian Lawyers Guild

Our all attorneys belong to the Moscow City Bar AssociationThe attorneys Yury Scheglov, Irina Scheglova and Dmitry Novikov are the members of The Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) since 1994.

All the attorneys belong to the Moscow City Bar Association which is governed by Henry Markovich Reznik.

We are actively involved in the Bar Associations’ activities and events: conferences, seminars and conventions.

Our attorneys participate almost in every conference event organized by the Presidium of The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates. Because of our active involvement in the Union’s activity, background profiles and photos of our Attorneys Irina Anokhina, Dmitry Novikov, Yury Scheglov, Irina Scheglova, Alexandra Tomorskaya and Katerina Scheglova were included in the first Book of The Union Internationale des Avocats published in 2003 and dedicated to the relations with foreign partners. 15th anniversary issue of the Book published in 2005 included photos and backgrounds of Attorneys Yury Scheglov and Irina Sheglova, who by that time have taken part in 11 international conferences organized by The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates.

Our individual attorneys were also actively involved in the events organized by the Inter-Republican Bar Association. Particularly, they participated in the seminars held by the Presidium of the Inter-Republican Bar Association in Greece, Spain and Switzerland.

The firm’s representatives are also involved in the events held by the Russian Lawyers Guild. We participated in the First All-Russia Congress of Attorneys, held in 1999 and dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the Russian Advocacy and the 5th anniversary of the Russian Lawyers Guild. Also, we visited the Lawyers Forum held by the Russian Lawyers Guild in Turkey in May 2000.

We value the opportunity of taking part in events organized by professional unions and associations. It is always a good chance to meet famous Russian and foreign attorneys, and to feel ourselves a part of the advocacy community.

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