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Spectrum of legal services, provided by our lawyers, is discussed with the senior managing partner in each case who also performs the preliminary assessment of the costs of the services, forms a working group, appoints the head of the group and controls the process.

In order to meet the senior managing partner you should call by phone:

+7 (495) 748-00-32.

Preliminary assessment of the legal outcome of the case
We carry out a preliminary assessment of the legal outcome of the case, it’s complexity before we proceed any case and, therefore, its value. This assessment is carried out by the senior managing partner Yury Scheglov and, as a rule, is carried out at the first meeting with a client immediately after he / she explains the issue.

If circumstances  require, leading specialists of the company are invited for a quick analysis of the case. However, if it becomes clear that it would be difficult to determine the complexity and the outcome of the case without further examination of the documents and legislation relating to a specific issue, preliminary examination, as a rule, is offered.

The results of such examination are given to a client in the form of a written legal opinion on the case with links to documents and legislation. Such legal opinion includes the expected legal outcome of the case and the legal position.

The preliminary examination allows a client to evaluate the results and, consequently, protects him / her from unnecessary illusions and costs, or Vice versa a client becomes firmly convinced of the correctness of his claims.

Contract signing
All the conditions of the execution of the contract, the scope of services, the costs of these services, the additional costs, the names of the lawyers, the stages of the process and the list of responsibilities of the bureau are discussed with the client while signing the contract.

The senior managing partner is the only person who has the right to sign contracts.
Usually the lawyer is appointed while signing the contract. If the case is complex, the working group of lawyers is appointed. Typically, this group includes from 2 to 5 of specialists headed by the leading lawyer. Such a scheme, when the case is considered by several specialists, allows to carry out more detailed legal issues and preliminary consideration of the case at every level. This also ensures that all the lawyers working on the case can change each other, it provides the continuity of the process, and adherence to deadlines. In addition, each time, when a client wants to receive updates on his case, he can always get it from any member of the working group.

All supervision in each case is provided either by the senior managing partner of the law bureau “Scheglov and Partners” or by the appointed partner of a law bureau in particular case.


Appointment of the performers

At the conclusion of the Contract the performer is appointed. If the order is complicated, it can be assigned to a working group of performers. Typically, this group consists of 2-5 specialists of the Bureau. A leading counsel heads a working group.
Conducting the project by the group of several specialists lets to implement the legal study and preparation of the case comprehensively and on the high level. This also provides interchangeability of the specialists that gives a guarantee of continuity and abidance of the terms of the order.
And the client addressing to the Bureau in the process of execution of his order may always get the information about the case from any of the specialists of the workgroup.

To sign for the meeting in order to discuss the possibility of getting the service of the leading attorneys or the lawyers of the Bureau “Scheglov and Partners” on criminal, arbitration, civil (family, inheritance, land, housing, labor or other) cases you need to contact Senior managing partner Scheglov Yury Anatolievich by phone in Moscow +7 (495) 748-00-32 or +7 (985) 767-94-86.

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