"Liberum est cuique apud se explorare an expediat sidi consilium"

"Everyone is free to decide for themselves whether they need an advice or not".

Do you need a lawyer and how do you find a good one?


Yury Scheglov,
Attorney at law, Senior Managing Partner, holds Ph.D. in Economics, Honorary attorney of the Russian Federation

Everyone faced once a problem of searching and choosing and we know how it’s difficult, especially if it concerns the solving such important issues like distinguishing a lawyer or an attorney. In this situation we keep asking the same questions:

Where to find a good lawyer?

How to find him?

Who can recommend a good lawyer?

How to distinguish a good lawyer from a mediocre one?

How much should I expect to pay?

Will the lawyer be able to give real help in your particular complex case (probate, real estate, criminal, family, arbitration, etc.)?

Does the lawyer posses a good practice that will help in the work on your case?
At last you have made the written agreement with the lawyer, but again there are some doubts in your mind. 

Can anyone guarantee that your lawyer will be responsible and efficient enough?

What if he takes another case and neglects yours?  

What will happen to your case, if the lawyer gets seek?

What if the opposite party provokes your lawyer? Will he remain unprovoked? Be scared? Accept a bribe?

Does the lawyer posses a real support and protection? Does anyone supervise the lawyer’s actions?

In the course of dealing with your lawyer (this course usually takes time), you may ask yourself questions like:
Why is your case being dragged out?
Why do complications arise?
Why doesn’t your lawyer call you every day and keep you updated on the case development?
You start to panic and blame your lawyer for your current situation. You think that you’ve made the wrong choice.

You want a second opinion about whether your lawyer is following a wise strategy. Besides, if your relations aren’t based on trust, you start thinking about hiring another lawyer.

And new questions arise: Who is the next candidate? Will a new lawyer fight in your case?

These and other similar questions are quite natural. However, most of them won’t even come up if you entrust your case to a team of professionals highly experienced in the field in which you are seeking representation.

It’s the only way you can be absolutely sure that if circumstances arise, your lawyer will receive the support of his colleagues and the full arsenal of the bureau’s resources will be available.

Besides, if your lawyer gets sick or is unavailable due to some other reasons, or if you somehow just don’t feel comfortable working with your lawyer any more, you can always dismiss him and the bureau will appoint a new lawyer. Such substitution won’t harm your case in any way. That’s what a teamwork is about. The team can also guarantee you the ethics, the scrupulousness and the protection.

On the pages of this website we tried to provide as much information about us as possible. We do hope this will help you to decide whether our principles, our style and our rules fit you and if you are ready to entrust your problems to any of our lawyers.

There is one more thing I would like to add before you dip into the details about the bureau and the lawyers.  
We care of  those who entrust  us legal protection of their rights from lawlessness, invasion of privacy, business invasion by unscrupulous officials, organizations and citizens.

We have everything to provide protection to our clients: professional skills, knowledge of the laws, many years of experience, commitment to details in collection evidences, best practice and know-how, and ultimately, unconditional loyalty to our clients and commitment to producing the very best legal outcome for them.

With sincere respect and hope for
whatever choice you make you won’t regret it.
Yury Shcheglov

You can contact Yury Scheglov at + 7 (495) 748-00-32 or at + 7 (985) 767-94-86 (mobile) or send an e-mail
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