How It started

In 1990 at the culmination of his career as a prosecutor, Yury Shcheglov decided to quit and become a practicing lawyer. Shortly after that, he was at the helm of the legal assistance office which he left later and organized “Shcheglov & Partners” law bureau.  The decision on the establishment of the bureau was taken on June 29, 1993. This day is regarded as the birthday of the bureau. 

This bureau has been successfully in business since 1993. Is it long enough? The answer is yes, it is considerably long for a legal entity that had never existed in all post-soviet states before.  However, it is not so long as compared to foreign big-league law firms many of which have a history of more than one hundred years.

As the matter of fact, early 90s was the time when lots of things just started their history in Russia. The Law on Advocacy enactment took place at least 10-12 years later. Only after July 1, 2002 the Russian legal profession as we know began to take it`s shapes. And we are glad that even before the law came into force, we have chosen the form of advocacy which was supported by law

Through the years of it`s existence the bureau has grown and changed in many ways. Lots of things were done for the first time. During this period the bureau moved to a new office, the combination of partners has partially changed, the form and the nature of the relations between the partners also have changed.

However, the main thing remains: the basic staff of attorneys providing highly professional services and taking full responsibility for each case.

We Treasure Our Name and Your Trust

Throughout the existence of the bureau, our attorneys and lawyers have been showing caring attitude towards each client.

“We treasure our name and your trust” is our motto addressed to all our clients. This motto emerged simultaneously with the establishment of  “Shcheglov & Partners” law bureau and it remains the motto of all the lawyers and the attorneys of the bureau today. This motto means that in any matter a client entrusts us, we remain constant in our commitment to ensure our reputation and at the same time to satisfy the client's expectations.

Such attitude gave us respect, friendship and loyalty of our clients. People and companies, who came to us once, always remain loyal to the bureau.

Attorneys do not disclose the information concerning their clients, as it is commonly agreed that a person needs a lawyer only when he or she has problems with the law. Still, all our clients, without exception, are well-deserved and wonderful people. We are proud and highly value their trust. And we always try to justify it.
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Некоммерческое партнёрство Адвокатское бюро "Щеглов и Партнеры".

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