About the Law Firm "Shcheglov & Partners"

Law Firm "Shcheglov & Partners"

Legal status of the Law Office

”Shcheglov & Partners” Law Office was founded by Yury Shcheglov on June 29, 1993. Until 2003 the Office belonged to the Inter-Republican Bar Association and was organized as a legal aid office. During the reorganization of the structure of Russian advocacy system which took place after the adoption of the statute on Advocacy and Legal Practice, the Office withdrew from the Association and was reorganized into professional partnership. Now it is a non-profit legal entity governed by the Advocacy and Legal Practice Act 2002.

Our attorneys

All our attorneys are registered in the Moscow Register of Attorneys governed by the Moscow Main Department of the Ministry of Justice, and also belong to the Moscow City Bar Association.

Note: The title of attorney in Russia is granted to those who meets the certain requirements:

  1. To have a higher legal education;
  2. To be over two years of legal practice;
  3. An obligation to pass a qualification exam.

Once a person passes the qualification exam and is granted the title of attorney, he (she) is included in the State Register of Attorneys and is issued an attorney ID document sealed with the official stamp of the Ministry of Justice.

Our philosophy

We are dedicated to our clients, who entrust us their legal protection. Our attorneys have everything at their disposal to render high quality legal services in the best possible way: competence, extensive knowledge of law, substantial experience, know-how, unconditional loyalty to clients’ interests, necessary facilities and devices. “Shcheglov & Partners” is a team of professionals, where good discipline, responsibility, mutual substitution and mutual cooperation between team members guarantee our clients getting of a quality legal support at any time.

Our main principles are:

  • Competence
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure policy
  • Professional approach in rendering legal services
  • Adherence to constant knowledge and skills improvement
  • Conscientiousness in performance of assigned duties
  • Responsibility for undertaken obligations
  • Goodwill and maximum transparency in relations with our clients