Senior managing partner of law bureau Yury Shcheglov

A few words of Senior managing partner -
Honorary lawyer of Russian Federation -
Yury Shcheglov

Welcome, Dear Trustees and Guests, who have visited this page while being looking for expert legal aid!

My name is Yury Shcheglov, and I am a Senior managing partner of the Firm for 22 years already. I am sincerely glad to greet You on the official website of “Shcheglov & Partners” Moscow Law Firm.

Here You can read information about results of the Firm’s work, find some useful legal articles and notes of our attorneys. Probably that is the reason why for some guests it seems to be a little bit old-fashioned and ponderous. Personally I perceive this fogyism as a maturation of luxury alcohol drinks – a cognac is more appreciated when it is getting older.

Often our trustees confess that they periodically visit our website aiming to learn some topical legal news and for familiarization with practice of “their” attorneys.

Thus, in case You need useful information, it can be found here exhaustively. You are welcome to read our virtual almanac!


If You need qualified legal aid regarding any section of our practice, either civil practice, arbitration or criminal law cases, You may communicate with me directly via calling +7 (495) 748-00-32, +7 (985) 767-94-86 or by writing here>>>


Make no doubt about it that I would offer You decent attorney and brilliant expert in the sphere of Your issue. After all, «All problems have one thing in common: every single one has a solution».


With sincere regards and wishes of success in business,
Yury Shcheglov